Diamonds from fair & transparent trade

Women's empowerment

Philanthropy in the form of microcredit




Annoushka Ducas has been working in jewelry design for 30 years. Her inspiration has changed with every phase of her life. With her current brand "Annoushka", she has set herself the goal of giving the traditional world of fine jewelry a strong female voice. The creations of Annoushka elegantly adapt to the life of a woman. Comfortable, versatile and unfussy - but still telling a story. Jewelry, that women like to give themselves.

Annoushka has zero tolerance for conflict diamonds. All diamonds come from fair and transparent trade. On her travels, she personally collects many gems, visits the mines and the local people. The jewelry designer attaches great importance to a personal relationship with her stone dealers. All traders abide by the UN's Kimberley Agreement. It also determines where each stone is ground, polished and set.

Inspired by the design of precious jewelry which is designed by women for women, Annoushka currently supports 650 women within the scope of the charity "Give a Future". They offer microcredits to women who want to work and function as their advisors. On International Women's Day, 20% of all sales were donated to the organization.


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