No importers & wholesalers

Fairtrade-certified companies

Pesticide-free raw materials




Designs by atisan are organic and minimalist in order to maintain their naturalness. The focus clearly lays on more appreciation, instead of mass production. Atisan wants to show conscious consumers that Sustainability and beautiful as well as modern interior design are not mutually exclusive.

The company sources its products exclusively from traditional countries. The founders visit their products' countries of origin and get to know their partners personally. The deliberate avoidance of importers and wholesalers makes it possible to work transparently and fairly. All products are derived from fairtrade-certified companies or artisans in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Atisan promotes the preservation of local craftsmanship and tradition, which has been protected for several generations. Each product is a handmade unicum. Only natural raw materials which do not require pesticides or fertilizers are used. Thereby, atisan is completely foregoing plastic and chemical colors. The wood comes from certified sustainable forestry. Mango wood, for example, is a by-product of the mango harvest.


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