Award-winning anti-aging innovation

Contains only 7 ingredients

Free of fragrance and color




The growth factor EGF (epidermal growthfactor) is a body-identical protein that signals cells to renew themselves. After 10 years of research, the Icelandic researcher Dr. Björn Örvar succeeded to grow this growth factor in natural barley. It was then concentrated in the anti-aging Bioeffect serum in order to use it on skin.

The product has received international awards for its effectiveness. The barley is grown in a 2200-square-meter greenhouse in Iceland. Operated with geothermal energy, young plants grow in bacteria-free volcanic ash and are irrigated with Icelandic spring water.

Bioeffect EGF serum only contains 7 ingredients. These ingredients support the activity of the skin-renewing protein. They are free from fragrances and dyes, preservatives as well as parabens and other chemicals.


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