little greene
little greene


Preservation of British Heritage

Free of pollutants & odorless

Paint cans made from 100% recycled steel


little greene


Little Greene is a traditional British company. The paint manufacturer is committed to the social and environmentally friendly production of high quality paints and wallpapers. Each color and wallpaper collection resurrects the design of traditional English heritage, inter alia in collaboration with the British National Trust.

The colors are made in a traditional paint factory in North Wales. All paints are water-based and have a very good life cycle assessment, with nearly zero VOC (volatile organic compounds). Thus, the colors are almost odorless.

Oil paints are made from sustainable vegetable oils. Paper, which is processed into wallpapers, comes from FSC- or PEFC-certified and sustainably managed forests. Four new trees are planted for each tree that is cut down. The paint cans are made from 50% recycled steel.


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