Dr. Julia Riedmeier on The code for future luxury

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01 Introducing Julia Riedmeier

Get to know Julia Riedmeier, luxury expert, university professor and strategy consultant

02 What will you learn?

Julia tells you what she is going to teach you in this course

03 What is luxury?

Decoding the three evolutionary stages of luxury and how neo luxury is radically transforming the industry

04 Luxury trends and dynamics

Julia talks about major industry dynamics and the progressive impact from next gen conscious consumerism

05 Elements of a luxury business model

Step-by-step instructions on how to develop a bulletproof business model for the future luxury market

06 Marketing like a luxury brand

Learn how to use the secrets of traditional luxury marketing to create desiatbality for your sustainable brand

07 Distribution of future luxury brands

This is why you should consider disruptive digital tools and multi-channel experiences for your retail strategy

08 Case study – DNVBs

What are DNVB's and what can we learn from their success stories?

09 Creating brand value through sustainability initiatives

Understand why sustainability initiatives are inevitable to create long-term value and resilience

10 management implications

Julia's very personal advice for future-oriented managers and reveals how to become an absolute Super Novist

11 Conclusion

A plea for humanisation, collaboration and responsibility to revolutionize tomorrow's luxury code

Dr. Julia Riedmeier

Julia Riedmeier is founder and CEO of CODE \ LUXE, a strategy advisory for luxury brands – whether start-ups or established ones. She lectures at the International University of Monaco and is in charge of the luxury module at the Munich Business School. As a Millennial, Julia takes a critical look at established business models and shapes the future of luxury brands in a collaborative and responsible way. Her work is particularly influenced by her own studies, initiatives and projects. Get in touch with Dr. Julia Riedmeier via LinkedIn

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Julia decodes the secrets of the luxury industry and explains how to use purpose and collaboration for your future-proof business strategy. Learn best practices from established brands and DNVBs. Get all insights on the needs of Generation Y and Z, by looking into digital tools and new ways of marketing and retailing your brand. Finally, Julia provides implications for Super Novist managers, based on her current studies, to actively shape tomorrow's luxury industry.

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