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Marie Falguera on Responsible material sourcing

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01 Introducing Marie Falguera

Get to know Marie Falguera and the genesis of her co-founded textile resale platform Nona Source

02 What will you learn?

Marie tells you what she is going to talk about in this class

03 The supply chain challenge

Learn how supply chain management can sustainably change the fashion industry

04 The after-use problem

Marie talks about possible solutions to tackle the current massive waste problem

05 What is responsible for material sourcing

Think smart and choose your sustainable sourcing strategy wisley

06 Digital models for circular economy

How using different digital tools can provide you with various advantages for your business

07 Case study – Online resale

Marie tells you how you can build your own successful resale platform

08 Case study - Revalue of unused materials

Be patient and don't underestimate different aspects required for digital business models

09 Creative business modeling

This is why considering different perspectives are important for your strategy development

10 Conclusion

Marie concludes the importance of responsible sourcing

Marie Falguera

Marie is co-founder of Nona Source, the first online resale platform which exclusively re-values ​​deadstock fabrics and leathers from the French Maisons de Couture of LVMH. The platform allows creatives from fashion and design to access high-quality materials whilst encouraging the re-use of existing resources. Marie is a material sourcing and procurement expert previously working at KENZO. She has developed a digital solution for mitigating the waste problem of the fashion industry, by entering the booming resale sector.

Your course

Marie talks about the importance of responsible sourcing and explains different options for sustainable sourcing strategies. She gives key insights on how to use digital tools for developing creative new business models in the resale segment. She finally explains how supply chain management can sustainably change the fashion industry.

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