Detox tea: An effective herbal cure for everyone?

You want to support your body through detoxification and get get rid of annoying water retention? Discover how easy this can be with detox tea!

Drainage tea to detoxify

Author: Annika Grunert

Drainage teas are various herbal mixtures that stimulate the urge to urinate and stimulate the metabolism. It is therefore often called Wunderwaffe which supports dehydration, purification and weight loss in a relatively short time. We'll tell you how it works and what to watch out for.

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Here's why you should drink detox tea

We humans are largely made up of water pollution: The proportion fluctuates depending on age, but it is around 60 percent (plus minus 10 to 20 percent). Normally, the human body works reliably, among other things, to break down unneeded fluids. However, it sometimes happens that this natural regulation does not work optimally, so that unnecessary water accumulates in the body. This manifests itself in the form of swellings, for example in the joints, which in turn can strain the heart and circulation. Drainage tea can help the body get rid of the water retention. Of course, medical causes should be ruled out before a cure.

Detox tea has several benefits. In particular, it stimulates the urge to urinate. The body is thus properly flushed, which in turn ensures that it detoxifies. Of course, this is not only due to the increased fluid intake - perfectly, around XNUMX to XNUMX liters of water per day - but also to the various ingredients and modes of action of the herbs. In addition, detox tea stimulates the metabolism, which speeds up digestion. That is why the tea cure is sometimes used to help with weight loss.

Which detox teas are the best?

There is a variety of tea blends which are ideal fits for detoxification. However, with a big selection, it is not easy to choose the right product. To help you get started, we're showing our top 3 detox teas.

  1. Herbal Guru from Teegeschwister
  2. Herbal rinse from HerbsnRoots
  3. Dr. Kotta's detox tea

1. Herbal Guru from Teegeschwister

Herbal Guru from Teegeschwister is an alkaline organic herbal tea with nettles and other ingredients such as peppermint leaves and lemongrass. The alkaline tea is not only enjoyable, but also supports dehydration, therapeutic fasting and weight loss. Extra point of conviction: the packaging is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

2. Herbal rinse from HerbsnRoots

The detox tea by HerbsnRoots also contains various herbs such as nettles, mate leaves, chamomile, rose hip peel and verbena. The ingredients support the self-healing powers and wellbeing. Further advantages: Local and environmentally-friendly production in Germany, no chemicals, GMO-free raw materials.

3. Dr. Kotta's detox tea

Dandelion root, horsetail, orthosiphon leaves, broken herb and peppermint leaves - This is the magic mixture of Dr. Kotta's detox teas. The herbal mixture comes in practical filter bags and supports detoxification as well as dehydration by increasing the urge to urinate. The peppermint also has a great taste.

Where to buy detox teas

When buying detox tea, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients: nettles, dandelions, juniper and mate are especially good. In addition to these natural products, there are also medicines that help with flushing and water retention. It is best to buy your detox or medicinal tea in the pharmacy, because here, you have the opportunity to get reasonable advice and find out which product is the most suitable for you.

How to make your own detox tea

The preparation of a detox tea naturally depends on the particular product. Usually, like other teas, boiling water is poured over them and should then steep for up to ten minutes. The exact preparation is written on the packaging of the respective dretox tea and should be adhered to. As well as the recommendations regarding the amount. Normally, two cups a day make sense - maybe a maximum of three.

drainage tea

While detoxing with tea, it is particularly important to drink plenty of water throughout the day, namely two to three liters. After all, detox tea can be drunk regularly. However, it should be used as a cure, not a regular go-to.

For some, detox tea isn't the best idea. Here's why

Although detox tea contains herbal ingredients, it is not suitable for everyone. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not consume detox tea. Also, anyone who suffers from inflammation in the kidney area or generally has problems with the kidney or heart should not consume the tea. If other illnesses exist or medication is taken, a doctor should be consulted. In the event of allergies and / or intolerances, it is important to check the ingredients carefully.

Incorrect, unsuitable or continuous use can cause kidney damage, among other things. Therefore, a medical consultation is generally recommended in order to exclude possible risks in advance as well as to clarify side effects. A doctor should also be consulted if symptoms occur during a detox tea cure.

Detox tea alternatives

Of course, there are other options to rid the body of water retention. These alternatives include:

  • Dehydration products such as capsules, effervescent tablets and powders
  • Schuessler salts
  • Sports
  • Fresh ginger with lemon

drainage tea


With detox tea, you can support your body in detoxifying, flushing and sometimes even losing weight. However, caution is advised: It is always important to comply with the manufacturer's specifications and to discuss with a doctor or pharmacist in advance whether and which drainage tea is suitable for you personally. If used correctly, the herbal mixtures can make a contribution to health.



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