The Top Luxury Bio Hotels in New York

Combine the perfect holiday experience with your next trip to the Big Apple luxury hotel industry and sustainability. We show you the most exclusive bio hotels in New York.

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Image by 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

In addition to location, price and facilities is becoming more and more travelers the Sustainability to one of the most important selection criteria of your accommodation. Many New York luxury hotels have recognized the trend. As a luxury organic hotel, they are closing in on the NYC Carbon Challenge - an 2007-based onen CO2 emission reduction program -.

Sustainable holidays in the Big Apple

The mega-metropolis on the Hudson River draws Millio annually with dazzling billboards, riveting Broadway performances and the famous Statue of Libertyvisitors into their spell. For several years, New York has set itself the additional goal of acting as a global model for ecological urban planning.

Manhattan's famous green spaces are joined by car-free zones, roof terrasare planted and urban agriculture promoted. Even with the construction of new skyscrapers, more and more attention is being paid to sustainability.

New York luxury hotels are part of a larger movement

Now, the hotel industry has made environmental protection the task. From designer furniture made from recycled materials to zero waste at the breakfast buffet to the timer in the marble bathroom - we present and show you New York's best organic luxury hotels

Our top 5 luxury organic hotels in New York

  1. The Peninsula New York, Midtown West
  2. The Benjamin, Midtown East
  3. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn
  4. The Pierre - A Taj Hotel, Upper East Side
  5. Grand Hyatt New York, Midtown East

1. The Peninsula New York, Midtown West

2013 has made the eponymous hotel chain behind the smoke-free Bio-Hotel the sustainable guest service a credo. Since then, water and food waste as well as overheated washes are a thing of the past, while of course you do not have to go without the usual high standard and personalized service. There is also a rooftop lounge with breathtaking views over Central Park and Fifth Avenue.

The Peninsula New York

2. The Benjamin, Midtown East

As one of New York's premier eco-hotels, this luxury hotel is an absolute leader in sustainable tourism with its energy-efficient lighting concept, centralized temperature control, eco-friendly soap dispensers and comprehensive recycling program.

In addition, the Bio-Hotel inspires with innovative offers for a better coexistence of man and nature. For example, the "Rest & Renew Program" kidnaps guests with pillow menu, 24 / 7 Sleep Team, meditation-on-demand and relaxing spa treatments from hectic city life into a world of holistic relaxation. The luxury hotel is also just a few hundred meters from Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center.

The Benjamin

3. Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn

If you win your electricity to 100% from wind energy, you may also write an 1 before your own name. An hourglass calls in all rooms to be more attentive in dealing with the world's water resources. The use of predominantly regionally produced, such as recycled natural materials and energy-saving lamps underline the future vision of the organic luxury hotel: sustainable tourism as the only justifiable way of traveling.

In addition to a gourmet restaurant, luxury spa, yoga classes and gym, these bright prospects also include a sunny rooftop deck overlooking Manhattan and the iconic Statue of Liberty.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

4. The Pierre - A Taj Hotel, Upper East Side

This proud member and concurrent Gold Medal winner of EarthCheck, an Australian sustainable tourism consultancy, is aware of its impact on the environment. The distinction with the Sustainable Hospitality Award also confirms that in the historic luxury hotel on the southeastern tip of Central Park, apart from environmental protection, social sustainability is also taken to heart.

The Pierre - A Taj Hotel

5. Grand Hyatt New York, Midtown East

LED lighting and high-performance boilers should not only set new standards in this organic hotel, but also reduce CO2 emissions. This bold venture, of all things, was launched in the only hotel directly adjacent to the famed New York Central Station - in the middle of midtown Manhattan, in the congested streets around Broadway and Fifth Avenue.

But right here, right on the pulse of the never sleeping city of lights, hopefully the effects of sustainable tourism will beat waves very fast and let more organic hotels sprout out of the asphalt floor.

Grand Hyatt New York


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