These Christmas cocktails beautify the pre-Christmas period

With these Signature Serve Christmas Cocktails allow you to really enjoy the Christmas season. Fine flavors keep your spirits up even in winter.

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Delicious cocktails do not only taste good in summer time. With fine aromas and special ingredients, cocktails keep you in the mood for the winter and are perfect for the reflective days of the year. We show you the best luxurious Christmas cocktails.

1. THE MODERN - Christmas Cocktails with Gin

Gin - a Juniper-based spirit - is one of the most popular ingredients for long drinks and cocktails. No wonder, because of its multi-faceted taste, gin can be wonderfully combined with many other ingredients. This is possible because additional ingredients are added to the gin during production, the so-called botanicals. As a result, some gin varieties taste juniper-like, others more like citrus fruits or pepper.

Hyke Gin Martini

Hyke Gin Signature Serve, Gin Martini

With the fruity Hyke Gin, which is produced sustainably in England, is ideal for mixing a Christmas cocktail: The Hyke Martini. With fine citrus and cocoa notes, this cocktail exudes Christmas spirit and is particularly suitable as an aperitif.


60 ml Hyke Gin

15 ml white cocoa cream

15 ml Amontillado Sherry

Lemon zest

Green olive


Mix gin, cocoa cream and sherry with ice cubes and then pour into a chilled martini glass. Express the lemon zest over it, add an olive - ready is the noble Christmas cocktail.

2. THE EXCLUSIVE -Christmas cocktails with Champagne

Champagne is considered the noblest and most expensive sparkling wine and is grown in the French province of the same name. Due to the slow fermentation process in the bottle, the champagne gets a fine-grained taste and is especially pearly. Purely a special treat, champagne in a Christmas cocktail provides exclusive elegance.

Spice 75

christmas cocktails

The Spice 75 is similar to the well-known French 75, except that this variation comes with Christmas flavors and essences. Perfect as a welcome drink in the evening, when guests come to visit.


60 g icing sugar

1 tablespoon allspice

200 ml of rum

90 ml of lime juice

600 ml of champagne

Orange zest


Heat the sugar in a pan with a little water and add the allspice (alternatively: take the finished sugar syrup). Slowly simmer until it becomes liquid. Then cool the mass and sieve through a coffee filter or doubled paper towels.

Mix the spice syrup in a shaker with the rum and lime juice and ice cubes and then divide into six champagne glasses. Fill the glasses with champagne and garnish with orange zest. The Christmas cocktail with champagne is ready.

3. THE CLASSIC - Mulled wine

The best known and most frequently drunk Christmas cocktail is and remains the mulled wine, an alcoholic hot drink based on red wine. Often, however, this is very sweet and prepares a headache the next day. So you should pay attention to the ingredients and good ones Wine for the preparation, preferably a fruity and low-acid. The spices should be fresh, as are the fruits. If you want to spice up this traditional Christmas cocktail, you should try the recipe with saffron.

Saffron mulled wine



50 g cinnamon powder

30 g ginger

15 g aniseed grains

15 g galangal

15 g nutmeg

15 g cardamom

0,5 g Saffron

1 l white wine (for example Müller-Thurgau)


Heat wine in a saucepan and add the spices. Season with honey or sugar and fill into jars. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

4. THE WAKEMAKER - Christmas cocktails with coffee

100 ml of coffee contains about 50 mg of caffeine. That is why coffee is so popular not only because of its aromatic taste and fragrance, but also because of its stimulating effect. However, those who like to drink coffee should make sure that the coffee is grown and produced fairtrade. So buy the best products with Fairtrade seal.

Classic Espresso Martini


Who visites Coffee like, will love the espresso martini. A special kind of watchmaker that will warm you up on cold winter days, even when this drink is drunk cold. Perfect time for this Christmas cocktail: after the main course or for dessert.


30 ml freshly brewed coffee, chilled

45 ml vodka

15 ml coffee liqueur

15 ml sugar syrup

ice cubes

Coffee beans for garnish


Put all ingredients in a shaker, shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with coffee beans and then serve and enjoy directly.


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