These 6 sustainable food trends make 2021 a pleasure

Whether hyper regional, virtual dining or zero food waste, these food trends 2021 are not just about taste, they are also sustainable

Food trends 2021

Author: Katharina Healing

The corona crisis also has that Food- and the catering industry, like many other industries, has changed forever. There is good and bad news for the development in 2021. Let's make it short and painless and start with the bad news: The fact is, there will be less Restaurant, Cafes and Bars enrich the food landscape, as many, especially smaller businesses, did not survive the Covid-19 crisis.

But there is also good news: According to the Food & Beverage Study 2021 by Tree + whiteman Home Essen has experienced a revival and that brings many healthy trends with himself. With the whole family in lockdown, more people are concerned with the foods they eat, their origins, cultivation and nutritional values. That means more regional, more seasonal, less fast food and less food waste. But what are the food trends for 2021 that will be on our plates? Here are our top 6:

Top sustainable food trends 2021 - this is how the year becomes a pleasure

  1. Hyper Regional Cuisine: Home dining regional and seasonal
  2. Meat alternatives: Surprising meat blends and insects
  3. Food waste war: With green tech against food waste
  4. Experience & Virtual Dining: Enjoyment with more excitement
  5. Celebrity drinks: Premium drinks with a star factor
  6. Biodynamic wines: The extreme form of organic wines

1. Hyper Regional Cuisine: Regional and seasonal home dining

Variety must be ensured in home dining. Many focus on the kitchen with only regional and seasonal ingredients. Hyper regional cuisine dishes offer not only the enjoyment of a certain country, but much more specifically that of a certain region or even micro-region.

In addition, the seasonality plays a major role and demands new ingenuity when designing the dinner. Avocado, papaya and co are replaced by Local superfood. The processing of all ingredients is also important for the followers of this Food Trend 2021. In this way, a broth is cooked from leftover meat and vegetable stalks are also cleverly put on the table.

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Regional food trend

2. Meat alternatives: surprising meat blends and insects

According to Baum + Whiteman, enthusiasm for vegan or vegetarian foods continues to grow - to the delight of our environment and animals. It is not just vegetarians who rely on plant-based foods, but many people are increasingly reducing their meat consumption and preferring quality with species-appropriate animal husbandry.

The market for meat alternatives has exploded in the last 5 years. Classically, these are purely plant-based substitute products. In 2021 we are looking forward to two new trends for them Kitchen of the future: On the one hand the so-called meat blends, i.e. a refined mixture of meat and vegetables, mushrooms for example. But above all, insects are also found on our plates as meat alternatives.

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Source & Copyright: Beyond Meat

3. Food Waste War: Combating food waste with Green Tech

Food waste is an important issue in 2021 that the industry, Restaurant chefs and try to fight people at home with the help of modern technologies. Baum + Whiteman expects the fight against food waste to experience an even stronger upswing in 2021.

In 2021 we will see even more new apps that connect restaurants and retailers to the local community for free meals or big discounts. Bain & Company also sees technologies against zero food waste as one of the megatrends in 2021. There is more on the topic here zero waste.

4. Experience & Virtual Dining: Enjoyment with more excitement

Eating is an experience. Especially with closed restaurants, the trend is increasingly towards the experience dinner at home. For example, a themed dinner in a small group with friends. The classic among them is probably the crime dinner. This will add tension to the meal.

If it doesn't work live, it can be done via virtual dining or cooking events. These have experienced a real hype since the Corona crisis. Explore cross-cultural cuisine for a virtual coffee break with colleagues or friends via Zoom. Even after the lockdown, this food trend can be implemented with friends from all over the world in 2021 and thus save CO2 emissions for the weekend trip.

5. Celebrity drinks: Premium drinks with a star factor

Drinks are the stars' new hobby. Lately, numerous celebrities have started their own alcoholic beverage spin-offs. These premium drinks are allowed in the House bar deluxe not missing. The classic among them is the Tequila brand from George Clooney, which was bought for USD 1 billion. This was followed by Ryan Reynolds with his famous Aviaton Gin and Brad Pitt with a Rosé Champagne house.

The secret: Stars buy into start-up beverage brands or wineries and give the brand a growth boost with their investment and celebrity factor. The brands often rely on organic and high-quality ingredients and the preservation of tradition. More of these investments can be expected in 2021.

Aviation gin

Source & Copyright: Aviation Gin

6. Biodynamic wines: the extreme form of organic wines

Let's stick with the drinks. Anyone who thinks that the wine selection has now reached its limits is wrong. Biodynamic wines are increasingly found in delicatessen shops. Organic wines avoid chemicals and pesticides when growing. A special form are biodynamic wines, going back to the Austrian anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner.

The basic idea here is to use the Circulatory Thoughtsto see the farm as an organism in harmony with nature. The winemakers fertilize exclusively with natural substances. This means a considerable additional work of around 30%, which also has its price, but is definitely worth it in terms of taste.

Food trends

Food Trends 2021 conclusion

This list shows that the topic of sustainability has a pronounced influence on the food trends 2021. It is increasingly important to consumers and producers that food does not harm nature or humans. The food trends make it clear that eating should be fun, creative and that there are no culinary limits.

You can find more industry trends from the food sector here



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