News: Evian x Virgil Abloh to continue their sustainable commitments

Evian x Virgil Abloh stands for sustainable & innovative design as well as creative projects with a positive impact. In 2021, the duo will launch their first recycled plastic bottle

evian sustainability
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  • Evian x Virgil Abloh continues sustainable commitment
  • The duo has already launched an eco-friendly limited edition glass bottles and a design competition around sustainability
  • In 2021, the collaboration is expanding its sustainable bottle design with a recycled plastic bottle - only the label and cap remain or of conventional plastics

In cooperation with the visionary fashion designer Virgil Abloh, Evian has launched a water bottle made from recycled plastic. Driven by the ambition to help shape a sustainable future, the bottle is a symbol of Evian and Abloh's commitment to circular economy. However this collaboration between the iconic mineral water company and probably the most influential fashion designer in the world, is not entirely new.

Evian x Virgil Abloh

In January 2018 Evian announced that it plans to manufacture all of its plastic bottles from 2025% recycled plastic (rPET) by 100. As part of this mission, the traditional company named Virgil Abloh, Off-White founder and artistic director of the Louis Vuitton men's collection, as creative advisor for sustainable and innovative design at evian®. The result of this top-class collaboration: important creative projects in the name of promoting sustainability.

The Powerhouse Duo started with the One drop can make a rainbow Limited edition glass bottle, setting new standards in terms of sustainable innovation of bottle design. And in 2020 it continued to be eco-friendly and innovative. In cooperation with Soma®, Abloh designed a refillable drinking bottle for Evian and called the project Activate Movement .

Activate Movement

With Activate Movement Abloh, evian® and the Alaska Alaska creative studio did pioneering work in the field of promoting young talent for sustainable innovation. An open call for tenders sought talents between 18 and 35, who could submit projects on the topics of waste management, reducing energy consumption, and recycling and reuse. The most innovative project would win a prize worth € 50.000, in order to create the foundation for a sustainable future.

evian sustainability

Source & Copyright by Evian

The motivation was to show "that you can change the status quo with small actions" and to create a place "that gives future generations a voice," said Abloh in an official statement for Evian. And it is precisely this belief that is reflected in the winner's project. Danielle Elsner, a graduate of the Royal College of Art, designed a zero-waste design system that challenges the prevailing standards of the textile industry and maximizes the efficiency of the production process by minimizing waste.

One Drop Can Create a Movement

Subsequently to One drop can make a rainbow and Activate Movement was the motto of the Limited Edition 2020 One Drop Can Create a Movement. Having the same look as the Activate Movement Project, the sustainable 0.75L glass bottle is reminiscent of an exclusive design object. Along the neck, flowing down the belly, larger and larger blue drops adorn the bottle. The thought behind the unique design: The drops condense into a wave of renewal, which stands for the hope that the project, which consists of many small actions that trigger a "domino effect of sustainability" , according to Evian.

2021: Launch of the first recycled Evian x Virgil Abloh plastic bottle

The duo's next and most innovation-driven project will follow in 2021: a water bottle made almost entirely of recycled plastic. The bottle impresses in the usual Abloh manner with its extraordinary design. The surface of the bottle looks like it has been hammered. In order to reflect how the new design was reconstructed from waste materials - a homage to circular economy.

evian sustainability

Source & Copyright by Evian

In addition, the 0.50L bottle made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) is completely recyclable at the end of its life cycle. And thus a mission statement for the obligation to produce only from rPET by 2025 and thus be recyclable.

100% step by step

While Evian launched rPET versions in Europe last year, Abloh's design is the first sustainable version on the United States market. However, rPET does not mean the holistic renunciation of plastic - both in Europe and in the USA. So far, all bottles have had a label and a closure made from untreated plastics (HDPE and OPP). Evian said it was a necessity to ensure purity and quality for consumers. At least STILL. After all, the brand is currently working on 100% plastic-free alternatives such as label-free bottles.

It is clear that the collection also comes with criticism. Why plastic at all when there is already a collaboration with sustainable glass bottles? Basically, of course, it is true that the use of plastic is never optimal. However, it is an important step in the right direction for influential industry giants to innovate to promote sustainability. Innovations that offer environmentally friendly alternatives to established production processes. And just like that, recycled plastic instead of always newly produced plastic. These promote the circular economy and minimize environmental impacts along the supply chain. Aspects to protect the environment.

With a holistic future orientation

Ultimately, Evian x Virgil Abloh is a prime example of productive collaboration with a future-oriented vision. Thanks to the commitment of the hyped designer Abloh, Evian finds a platform in influential subcultures such as streetwear. So not only in the established customer base of the traditional company is there a sensitization for environmental awareness. Rather, young generations are also encouraged to bring about positive change. A trend that could inspire other companies to enter into similarly productive collaborations.


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