These 7 sustainable food trends make 2020/21 a pleasure

Whether cross cultural cuisine, hyper regional or virtual dining, these food trends 2020 not only focus on taste but are also sustainable

Food Trends 2020 20121

Author: Katharina Healing

This year, some new food and food trends 2020 have already emerged that are not only new, but also particularly tasty. Some also pursue the goal of sustainability and show that environmental awareness and enjoyment can go hand in hand.

These 7 food trends make 2020 pure enjoyment

1. Cross cultural cuisine

We are more connected than ever. And we feel that on all levels. Networking with other countries and cultures has proven to be positive, especially in the area of ​​food and taste. Cooks, Gourmet restaurants and consumers are beginning to mix traditional dishes or foods from different cuisines and turn them into what is known as fusion cuisine. This gives the dishes an exciting, unexpected note and gives us a modern and contemporary alternative to traditional dishes.

2. Hyper regional cuisine

In addition to cross-cultural cuisine, which combines the cuisine of different cultures, a second food trend 2020 will focus on a very specific regional cuisine. As all food lovers know, people eat differently in northern Germany than in Bavaria. Hyper regional cuisine dishes offer not only the enjoyment of a certain country, but much more specifically that of a certain region or even micro-region. Seasonality also plays a major role and demands new ingenuity when designing the dinner.

Regional food trend

3. Organic Wine / Biodynamic Wine

Anyone who thinks that the wine selection has now reached its limits is wrong. Although the wine shelves in supermarkets and specialist shops are full to the brim, that doesn't mean there isn't room for a new trend. To the delight of the environment and our health, more and more wines of organic and biodynamic quality can be found on the shelves. This means that they have not been treated with chemicals or pesticides during their cultivation and thus do not harm nature or the organism.

Food trends

4. Meat blends

The enthusiasm for vegan or vegetarian food continues to grow - to the delight of our environment and animals. More and more food manufacturers are embracing this 2020 food trend and producing vegetarian or vegan meat alternatives. Either it is a pure substitute product or meat blends, i.e. a mixture of meat and 1/4 vegetables, mushrooms for example. This mix is ​​not only healthier, but also cheaper for consumers and producers.

food trends

Source and copyright by Beyond Meat

5. Experience & Virtual Dining

Eating is an experience. That applies twice to experience dining. In addition to the delicacies served, the surroundings and the setting also become a real experience. This can range from dinner in the dark or in the heights to specific topics such as a crime dinner. This adds even more excitement to the meal. This also includes virtual dining & cooking events, which have experienced a hype since the Corona crisis. Even after the lockdown, this food trend 2020 can be implemented with friends from all over the world and thus save CO2 emissions for the weekend trip.

6. Local superfood

Superfood is and will remain one of the most popular food trends. Many of the exotic varieties can also be replaced by local alternatives. The popular chia seeds, for example, can be perfectly replaced by flaxseed in muesli and co. There is a whole list of superfood alternatives here.

food trends

7. Vegan ice cream

A must have for this summer are vegan ice cream flavors, free of dairy products. More and more brands are offering vegan ice cream made from almonds, soy or coconut. The sugar content is often reduced and the fruit content increased. You can make vegan ice cream yourself at home by simply freezing the popular smoothie in ice cream molds. Great flavors are kiwi or pineapple.

food trends

Food trends 2020 allow everything - within the framework of sustainability

This list shows that the topic of sustainability has a pronounced influence on the food trends 2020. It is increasingly important to consumers and producers that food does not harm nature or humans. The food trends make it clear that eating should be fun, creative and that there are no culinary limits.


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