News: Sportswear collaboration with resale program “Choose to Give Back”

Together with the second-hand platform thredUP, adidas has started a circular initiative: "Choose to Give Back"

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  • Adidas x thredUP starts resale program Choose to Give Back
  • Free resales promote sustainability through circular economy
  • Consumers are rewarded with loyalty points and vouchers

In collaboration with the world's largest secondhand platformthredUP Adidas launched Choose to give back. A resale programme that has been supporting consumers to sell used sneakers and clothing since October 2021. With this, the campaign clearly focuses on the circular economy and intends to promote sustainability by extending life cycles. It's about advocating for a circular future for sportswear, as great performance should not come at the expense of the environment, says Adidas Senior Vice President of Sustainability Katja Schreiber.

Circular future: Resale should promote sustainability

The launch of the resale programme was made possible by the Resale-as-a-Service® (RaaS®) platform. This operates as a service from thredUp, by means of which companies can use the expertise of the second-hand platform to launch their own take-back and resale programs.

The simple principle: thredUp helps companies to offer consumers an incentive for conscious consumption by rewarding resales with brand credits. The portfolio of brands that have already decided to use the service proves that it works. From already sustainable brands like Reformation to brands striving to become more sustainable step by step, more and more are opting for the circular solution.

Choose to Give Back - How does the resale program work?

Inspired by thredUp, Choose to Give Back also follows the procedure of being rewarded for a resale. Through Adidas' Creator's Club app consumers can simply print out a prepaid shipping label for the Clean out kit and return sneakers, clothing or accessories to Adidas for free. In this way, the sports brand wants to help consumers "see new ways to give old products a new life", says Schreiber.

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Source & Copyright by Adidas

It is important to note that the items do not have to be from Adidas. They can come from any brand and be in any condition. Depending on the condition, they are either resold or reused - waste can become an environmentally friendly resource. In return for sending in the items, you get loyalty points and vouchers - how many depends on the value and condition of the products.

Circular economy - straight ahead towards environmental protection

While the programme is already available online, it is expected to be available in shops by 2022. With this, the brand continues to push its vision ofl innovatingglobally and implementing sustainable solutions in the right direction. Alongside vegan sneakers or co-creations for low-emission running shoes circularity now joins Adidas' list of sustainable commitments.

Whether the vision of achieving truly environmentally friendly consumption can really be realised remains to be hoped for the time being. However, the step of an established industry giant to motivate consumers for more sustainability is indisputably positive. Possibly even foregoing profit in exchange for emissions, waste and controversial production conditions. This awareness alone is important to promote sustainability and to scale circularity more as a productive measure for environmental protection on a larger scale.



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