Augmented Reality: Window shopping at home

Digital fashion shopping - Augmented reality virtually finds the perfect outfit for you

Augmented Reality, new online technology for retail
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Author: Julia Schindler

Whether elegant evening dress or sporty leisure outfit: Augmented Reality (AR) identifies the perfect outfit for everyone. The technology is already used by some of the leading fashion retailers. By means of the innovation, customers are able to experience the feeling of trying something on as detailed as possible, when shopping online. This is namely becoming more and more important from year to year: around two billion people worldwide now regularly shop online. Fashion items must match the needs of potential buyers in terms of color, shape and cut. Whether desired fashion pieces actually match these demands, can be found out in no time with augmented reality.

How does augmented reality work?

The smartphone camera is often used to display or overlay digital content in the real world. A common example: Filters on social networks like Instagram. Using the same principle, accessories, shoes and clothing can be tested with the innovative AR technology without physically holding and trying them on. To-Go changing room, so to speak, since AR displays clothing on the body in selfie mode or in front of a mirror. Also conceivable: project a weekender onto the home floor to better estimate the actual size of the bag.


Perfectly dressed with AR for fashion

As early as 2019, around 100 million people were using AR technology to try on clothing virtually. This number is likely to skyrocket in 2020. And not just because of the Corona crisis and millions of closed shops. On the one hand, AR helps fashion retailers to better analyze customer preferences. In contrast to conventional changing rooms, augmented reality can save and evaluate which pieces are tried on and selected. On the other hand, trying on AR technology offers the potential to reduce the gigantic number of returns. If you make sure before ordering that the dress you ordered looks really great, you do not have to return it. Augmented Reality enables the fashion industry to take another big step towards sustainability and environmental protection.


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