News: Aveda products are now vegan and cruelty-free

All Aveda products are now 100% vegan - High-quality cosmetics that are good for the people, animals and environment

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  • Beauty brand Aveda has been relying on cruelty-free development of its products since 1989
  • The brand is now officially 1% vegan since January 2021, 100
  • Previously used animal ingredients are being replaced by plant-based alternatives

The Aveda brand has been reducing its negative impact on the planet for several years. Now the company is going one step further: under the motto "Vegan Now and Forever", since January 1, 2021, animal products have been used ingredients waived. This means that only 100% vegan Aveda products can be found in the markets. The Beauty brand sends a strong message to the cosmetics industry and is a pioneer for many other brands.

Responsible and cruelty-free - now all Aveda products are vegan

As early as 1989, the American brand, which belongs to the Estée Lauder Companies, decided to forego animal testing in the development of its products. However so far, not all ingredients have been vegan. For example some products have been enriched with Honey or Beeswax .

In order to further support animal and environmental protection, the beauty brand now excludes all animal ingredients. The new formulations replace these products with alternatives, which are most sustainable and natural. A challenge, for example, with honey, where alternatives are often synthetic petroleum-based products. But not with Aveda: Vegetable oils and natural waxes are now used in all care products.

In addition, an average of 90% of all ingredients are naturally derived and traceable. This also means that substances such as parabens, paraffin, Micro plastic, mineral oils or synthetic fragrances are excluded.

Our favorites: Vegan products from Aveda

The Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo * gives fine hair more volume. Ingredients such as ylang-ylang as well as rose and marjoram repair the hair naturally.

Aveda Vegan Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo

One key challenge is Nutriplenish Daily Moisturizing Treatment * supplies dry to very dry hair with superfood. Rich ingredients such as mango butter and coconut oil provide moisture.

Aveda Vegan Nutri Plenish Conditioner

The Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer * Fights hair loss with 94% naturally obtained ingredients, characterized by Aveda's own Pure-Fume-Aroma consisting of lavender, rosemary and geranium.

Aveda vegan revitalizer scalp

Aveda is committed to environmental protection

At its production facility in the US, Aveda further strives for environmental-friendly production and distribution . Therefore the company uses 100% recycled PET bottles - 85% of the bottles and jars are now made of this recycled material. If that is not possible for the recycled packaging bio-plastic is being used.

This makes Aveda the first cosmetics brand to use post-consumer-recycled (PCR) materials for its packaging. The company also uses wind power for its entire production. In addition, the principles of Cradle-2-Cradle approach are being applied and many products have already received the respective certification.


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