Capsule Wardrobe: Minimalist wardrobe with form and function

 A minimalist wardrobe combines aesthetics, sustainability and a healthy mindset. As? In 3 steps to the Capsule Wardrobe!

Minimalist wardrobe
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Author: Sarah Marie Lau

Where did the Capsule Wardrobe originally come from?

When it comes to the word capsule, very few people think of the cosmos of their own wardrobe or the world of fashion. With a deep dive into the multifaceted history of couture, across numerous epoch-making styles, that changes quickly. Especially with regard to an important milestone in this development: the world-famous "Wardrobe" boutique by Susie Faux.

The London-based author and stylist coined the term Capsule Wardrobe as early as the early 70s. And pursued a clear goal: consumers from the prevailing preferences, structural blind spots and outdated rituals of the fashion industry to emancipate. However, she was not aware that she was meeting a contemporary trend to protect the planet. Rather, she wanted to put an end to her frustration at the lack of good quality clothing.

Faux developed the smart concept of the Capsule Wardrobe and, as early as the 18th century, set a high standard and orientation for designers who want to create sustainable as well as high-quality fashion. Today, those who are inspired include numerous well-known designers such as Donna Karan, who launch collections that are reduced every year.

The motto for a minimalist wardrobe: Basic is Best

Ten years after Faux's Capsule Wardrobe, Karan launched her first capsule with the trend-setting name "Seven Easy Pieces". In doing so, she relied on a conscious selection of a few, but versatile, combinable items of clothing. And thus followed Faux's visionary principle: a carefully curated wardrobe is the starting point for creating your own style.

Due to her notoriety, Karan was able to expand the reach of the capsule idea and initiate its transition from the niche to the mainstream. Even today, more and more brands are integrating the intelligent concept into their strategy, reducing collections and increasingly relying on "basics" or "essentials". Means: Combinability and quality become USPs.

While this development marks a rethinking in the fashion industry, it also marks significant added value for consumers. The added value of order - apart from visual chaos, which is carried over to the psyche. So what you need is a minimalist wardrobe with a capsule wardrobe: T-shirts in neutral Colors, black pants, Jeans, a cardigan and a black one A dress. Sometimes combined casually for everyday life, sometimes elegantly for dinner.

How can the Capsule Wardrobe be used for a minimalist wardrobe?

It doesn't take much to implement a minimalist wardrobe. Literally: Less is more. It is therefore important to refrain from consuming and to re-sort and sort out one's own belongings in order to make a careful decision in favor of more value. If you need help, you can go to Marie Kondo's "Kontimari" Fall back on method. But no matter how - the main thing is to concentrate on a small selection of high-quality pieces. These, in turn, must be suitable for being combined in a variety of ways.

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As a key word for modernity, it also appealed Bauhaus-Ikone Mies van der Rohe always to the social consciousness to understand less than more. Today this trend-setting phrase is by no means just an empty phrase. Rather, the minimalist way of thinking has become a way of life. A lifestyle that leaves room for style and development. And that under the uncompromising claim of function and sustainability. It is therefore clear: The Capsule Wardrobe is a clear statement against the hysterical consumer culture of the fast fashion movement.

What are the advantages of the Capsule Wardrobe?

Since a capsule is qualitative and durable, it significantly reduces the consumption of conscious consumers. As a consequence, this means fashion forward in the name of sustainability. No scarce resources are wasted, CO2 emissions are caused or waste, energy and water are wasted headlessly. Instead, mindfulness for the environment and the self is practiced. Away from the everyday analysis paralysis decision paralysis in front of the closet to stylish effectiveness. Extra plus point: high-quality materials simply feel nicer and are skin-friendly.

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And since there are just so many, a summary overview of the advantages helps:

  • environmental protection
  • resource protection
  • Reduction of your own CO2 footprint
  • No toxic materials
  • A tidy home and thus a tidy mindset
  • Time efficiency - no unnecessary shopping or searching in front of the closet
  • No support for seasonal, environmentally harmful collections
  • Moving away from fast fashion groups
  • Developing a personal style
  • Increase your own creativity by trying out new combinations of the essentials

How do you start your own minimalist capsule wardrobe?

Step 1: the inventory

Time to clean out - broken, unworn, unloved or uncomfortable things have no place in the minimalist wardrobe. It is essential to create awareness of what is actually or not needed. Photos or memories of the last year or events can be helpful. Only what is used frequently and in a variety of ways fits the capsule mentality. But: What is not needed should of course not be thrown away. Clothing donations and barter or second-hand platforms are environmentally friendly alternatives for parting with things.

Step 2: Define the needs and essential pieces

Well-worn favorites should be part of the minimalist wardrobe. In addition, simple pieces - bright colors, patterns or unusual textiles should only find their way into a few statement pieces. It is particularly important that not every capsule wardrobe is created equal. Depending on individual preferences, everyone should be aware of which items of clothing are liked and worn. For one person a beige trench coat is the timeless coat, for another it is more the black version.

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Step 3: shopping

Quality is key. High-quality fits, materials, neutral tones and workmanship give the minimalist wardrobe a long life cycle. And with an increasing tendency if investments are made in basics. In addition to these essentials, fair fashion and high-end second-hand pieces guarantee the harmony between functionality and sustainability of the capsule.

10 basics for the minimalist wardrobe

  1. Jeans with a perfect fit
  2. Black pants
  3. A white t-shirt
  4. A classic white blouse
  5. A white dress
  6. Das kleine Schwarze
  7. A sweater in neutral tones
  8. The all-weather trench coat
  9. White sneakers
  10. Black heels

Upgrade: Next level tips for a minimalist wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe Tip # 1: No rash shopping

A concrete plan instead of ill-considered shopping and impulse buying. The question is: What do I need and which parts can I combine well - possibly even with things that I already own? A little tip: trying is better than studying. In addition to a plan, every essential should also be tried on. Materials should be both durable and skin-flattering.

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Capsule Wardrobe Tip # 2: The perfect fit is a must

Every body is individual. So it is important to choose the right fit in order to stage the figure perfectly. Different items of clothing correspond to different body types and accentuate different zones. Means: It is worth trying on pieces and rehearsing them in movements.

Capsule Wardrobe Tip # 3: Invest in Customized Customizations and Made to Order

The standardized fashion industry has little space for extraordinary bodies and too often relies on "all fits one". To the chagrin and discomfort of most consumers. A solution for this situation: tailor-made adjustments - or even made to order. Tailoring can customize and refine garments with craftsmanship, while made-to-order brands only make clothes to order. Win win for style and sustainability.

Capsule Wardrobe Tip # 4: High Quality Materials

Natural materials are more durable, more aesthetic and more environmentally friendly than synthetic fibers. In addition, it is more skin-friendly and temperature-regulating. In contrast, plastic materials often contain toxic chemicals or paints that can cause skin irritation or allow microplastics to get into the groundwater. A clear reason for choosing an eco-friendly Capsule Wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe Tip # 5: Care guarantees quality and appearance

Care instructions in clothing show how the life cycle of a piece can be optimized. So it is advisable to pay attention to this and to carry out minimally invasive maintenance measures such as small repairs immediately. This not only guarantees the durability, but also the aesthetics of the capsule.

minimalist wardrobe

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Capsule Wardrobe Tip # 6: Updates to the Minimalist Wardrobe

Absolutely not consuming is not feasible - it is more of a deterrent than to appear attractive. Rather, the Capsule Wardrobe is about consciously planning consumption and adding key pieces to the capsule at responsible intervals. How long these intervals are varies from individual to individual.

Conclusion: The wardrobe is a reflection of the self

With the pluralization of lifestyles and the individualization of society, it is becoming more and more essential that our clothes match our lives. Supporting our lifestyle with ease and calmly - instead of causing additional stress. Means: it's time to calibrate a minimalist wardrobe. Not least because it represents a modern consumer mentality that promotes sustainability.


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