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The luxury brand Chopard uses 100 percent ethically immaculate gold. Here's what Ethical Gold is all about

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Sustainability is also for a well-known luxury brand like Chopard, an important factor and firmly anchored in the corporate culture. The manufactory shows that sustainable luxury also in matters Jewelry and clocks is possible. With "Ethical Gold" Are defined Chopard, Ethically immaculate gold.

Ethical gold has been proven to meet international environmental and social standards. Thus, the family-run, traditional company uses only gold for its watches and jewelery that has been won under responsible conditions.

The origin of Ethical Gold

On the one hand, does the newly minced Gold originate from small, artisanal mines that are members of the Swiss Better Gold Association (SBGA) which ensures that they are fairtrade and fairminded. On the other hand, Chopard obtains the gold from RJCcertified refinery partners, which offer RJC - Chain of Custody - gold.

As Chopard produces its own pieces in house, it can be guaranteed that all processes and materials used meet the standards mentioned.  

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What does Chopard support with its ethical gold?

Chopard's ethical gold proofs that luxury can be sustainable. Therefore, Chopard also supports an initiative which is part of the so-called "Journey to  responsible  luxury" which helps responsible gold mines in Latin America on their way to obtain their fair mined certification. These are the requirements: 

  • Comply with strict work regulations
  • No Child labor
  • Comply with social development standards
  • Environmental criteria for gold mining comply

Thanks the help of Chopard, many small mines have received the certificate and since then have been supplying the luxury brand with their ownm ethical gold. And in the future, there are many more to come.

Ethical gold is, for example, used for the LUC watches as well as in the HauteJewelleryCollections - very fine, stoned jewelery. 


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