Clean perfume - Top 8 natural fragrances

Perfumes seduce the senses - every fragrance tells a story or we associate certain moments with it. Our experts have selected the most sustainable fragrances for you

Clean perfume

Terms like natural, organic, vegan or clean awaken buying impulses in conscious consumers and are therefore often in the center of advertisements.

However, organic or natural does not necessarily mean sustainable. Especially perfumes often contain animal and chemical ingredients in order to create common fragrance nuances. So-called clean perfume, in contrast, is free from animal testing as well as harmful ingredients and is also gentle on the skin and the environment.

Therefore, sustainable practices are increasingly becoming the core element of the corporate culture in the cosmetic industry. These include the mindset that the environment is paramount and, whenever possible, natural products and resources are preferred.

This means that sustainable beauty products such as clean perfume protect the environment without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. We show you 8 brands for clean perfume that are sustainable, natural and also free from harmful substances.


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