Fashion Industrie and COVID-XNUMX: Anna Wintour predicts a change in values

In an interview with Naomi Campbell, the editor-in-chief of US-American Vogue shared her thoughts on the fashion industry and Coronavirus

Anna Wintour
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To what extent will the fashion industry have to change once the pandemic is over? Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the U.S. Vogue magazine, recently talked about this with supermodel Naomi Campbell. She had invited her via video link to her show "No Filter with Naomi". From trend-setting developments and thoughts on values of solidarity, the fashion icon shared her views on the fashion industry and COVID-XNUMX.

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Anna Wintour on the fashion industry and COVID-XNUMX - Key facts

  • The fashion industry faces a crossroads given the pandemic
  • In conversation with Naomi Campbell, Anna Wintour predicts a change in values
  • The fashion industry urgently needs to slow down, says Wintour

“We have to rethink our values”

In a YouTube livestream that has now been clicked on more than 200.000 times, Wintour predicted that Corona would change social values with regard to consumption. The current crisis should be seen as an opportunity to question the fashion industry and one's own behavior. Particularly important are the masses of garbage and money that are wasted through excess consumption. And by each individual including itself, so the chief editor. Instead of indulging in this consumer behavior, it is important to return to profound values and to consume more consciously.


SpindriftVogue Editor-in-chief criticizes fast-moving fashion industry

Wintour continued by advocating celebrating the art as well as design of fashion more. Instead of the tireless production of new collections, deceleration as well as joy should take place. The 70-year-old thus criticizes surprisingly openly the fast pace of the fashion world, in which trends hardly survive longer than one season. A rethink is urgently needed: Fashion should be looked at, thought about and enjoyed.

Wintour, who has headed American Vogue since XNUMX, also announced a very concrete innovation. This year, the regularly distributed CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund will not go to up-and-coming talents in the fashion industry, but to young designers and seamstresses whose livelihoods are threatened by the Corona virus.


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