Green Glam: These are the trendiest ethical make up brands

Slowly but surely, the organic beauty trend has moved from niche to mainstream. We show 5 Green Beauty brands for natural beauty care

Green beauty brands, sustainable and cool
Source & Copyright by Kosås

Author: Julia Schindler

No question about it: sustainable beauty care is that megatrend in the beauty cosmos. The increasing demand for Green Beauty brands so it is no surprise. However, since many profit-oriented brands are also aware of the trend-setting movement, many consumers are misled by so-called greenwashing. Beauty brands that adorn themselves with catchphrases such as "green" or "biological" often do not meet the standards that green beauty brands actually meet.

Requirements for the green glam factor and thus decisive purchase criteria: non-toxic ingredients, the renunciation of animal suffering and environmentally and resource-saving added value. And with an uncompromising claim quality, Efficiency and the protection of health and nature.


4 ethical make up brands for a sustainable beauty routine

Here are the beauty brands for clean make up, vegan lipsticks and the whole organic palette with potential favorite status you can rely on - in terms of beauty, health and the environment.

  1. Bioeffect
  2. Kosas
  3. bareMinerals
  4. ILIA Beauty

1. Bioeffect

Pure, safe and skin-friendly, the luxurious anti-aging innovation promises to give its users a beauty boost. And that through molecular biological innovation. Inspired by the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) discovered in 1986, three researchers in Iceland embarked on the research trip to create a body-identical growth factor. The result of this is still particularly interesting for the beauty cosmos today, since it is a body-identical protein that signals cells to renew themselves - the solution for anti-aging. Bioeffect is a member of Eden Guides' house.

Key Facts: 7 natural ingredients, free from fragrances and colorings & innovative anti-aging protein based on barley

Favorite Potential: EGF + 2A Daily Duo (195 €)

Availability: Bioeffect Online shop, also available in selected perfumeries

Ethics: Negative CO2 balance due to renewable geothermal energy in production, vegan

Product range: Anti-aging serums, day and night care, cleaning water

Green Beauty brands - Bioeffect

Source & Copyright by Bioeffect - EGF + 2A Daily Duo

2. Kosås

The organic beauty brand founded by chemist Sheena Yaitanes lives up to its headquarters in California: colorful, hyped and with a feel-good factor, it reflects the Golden State in its products. In implementation, this means the use of plant-based ingredients that are both skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. Whether the tinted face oil, lipstick or blush duo: Green Beauty products from Kosås are both visually and sensually appealing. Additional clue: through intelligent pigmentation of the products, they adapt to every skin tone and also revitalize through their plant-based basis.

Key Facts: Free from parabens, phthalates and mineral oil, skin-friendly and moisturizing

Favorite Potential: The Wet Set - Trio of best-selling lip glosses (€ 60)

Availability: Kosås online shop or in Germany for example at Douglas *

Ethics: Only botanical ingredients, vegan

Product range: Lipstick and gloss, blush and eyeshadow duos, innovative sports make-up

Green Beauty brands - Kosas

Source & Copyright by Kosås - The Wet Set


Safety first: the mineral make-up products from bareMinerals not only promise to last throughout the day, but also protect the skin. The reason for this: a base made from natural minerals that cover unevenness but do not clog pores. Without being too heavy, the USA's Best-Selling Foundation ensures a flawless finish - in many shades with a long shelf life. Even though bareMinerals with its natural formulas has been doing pioneering work in green cosmetics for 25 years, the company always strives for progress. Whether make-up or skin care - free of chemicals, the clean beauty giant is continuously driving positive change in the industry.

Key Facts: Free from parabens, phthalates and mineral oil and other chemicals, Best Selling Foundation in the USA

Favorite Potential: Complexion Rescue ™ Cream-Gel BB Cream (€ 31,99)

Availability: bareMinerals online shop, in Germany for example at Douglas *

Ethics: Only natural minerals, vegan

Product range: Make-up, face care, lipstick and brush

4. ILIA Beauty

Skin care and makeup - for ILIA Beauty* the two terms are to be used synonymously. This is why the Green Cosmetics brand uses innovative make-up recipes that contain high levels of ingredients in skin care products. These should protect the skin from environmental stress factors and have a vitalizing effect despite make-up. Extra special: ILIA offers versatile products under the "Multi" category. Be it a pencil that can be used as a gloss and blush or a highlighter that can be used as an eye shadow and contourer. The organic beauty brand wants to simplify life. Recycled packaging is an additional plus.

Key Facts: Free of chemicals, skin care and protective make-up, multi-use products

Favorite Potential: Multi Stick (34 €)

Availability:  ILIA Beauty online shop or at Douglas *

Ethics: Exclusively natural minerals, support for the circular economy, vegan

Product range: Make-up, palettes for eye shadows, lipstick, lip liner, multi products

Green Beauty brands - Ilia Beauty

Source & Copyright by Ilia Beauty - Multi Stick

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