Gucci Equilibrium brings transparency to the next level

The fashion house sets new standards. With its program Gucci Equilibrium, the label shows how transparent and innovative a group can act in order to achieve its sustainability goals. The connection between fashion and the environment is indispensable.

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Picture right: Gucci Equilibrium

Since 2019, the Italian luxury label has been making its economic Profit & Loss Account (Environment P & L) public and is putting it online in its digital platform Gucci Equilibrium. The platform was founded on World Environment Day in 2018 in order to connect people, planet and meaning. The tool measures and communicates all of the Group's sustainability goals. What an economic profit & loss bill exactly is, is here easily explained by Gucci. This year on World Environment Day, parent company Kering has also revealed its E P & L.

Gucci Equilibrium

CEO Marco Bizzarri wins the "Green Carpet Award" in Italy, copyright: Gucci  

Gucci Equilibrium

Gucci Equilibrium is part of a 10 year plan for the fashion label to embed a comprehensive sustainability strategy. The fashion label has set itself the mission to "make positive changes". It builds its sustainability plan on the three pillars of environment, people and innovation.

The corporation describes the word originating from the Latin word "Equilibrium" as a condition of balance. A balance of aesthetics and ethics to advance social & environmental goals. The luxury company has already reduced its environmental footprint by 16% over the past three years and plans to reduce 2025% to 40. In addition, the company's green electricity consumption has increased by 146%.

Innovative recycling processes in the processing of leather and textile waste also make it possible to reuse several tonnes of leather waste and thereby reduce the total waste by 66%.

Gucci ArtLabs

Gucci ArtLabs is part of the Equilibrium program  and serves as a futuristic modern center of industrial craft. This includes an experimental shoe & leather goods laboratory, which accounts for 70% of the company's sales. The center serves as a think tank for exchange, competence and best practice. Above all, it should promote technological development.

The Group's Gucci Equilibrium project responds to one of today's most important topics and shows how the luxury industry can take responsibility with transparency and innovation. In the 21st Century, a brand much means more than just the product itself. Companies have to tell a story in order to touch the consumers emotionally. This is exactly the aspect Gucci deals with in this project and creates a sustainability tool of superlatives for the generation of tomorrow on the basis of an open source platform.


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