Renting instead of buying - Guide to your modern wardrobe

This is how you spice up your wardrobe without polluting the environment

Rent clothes instead of buying them

The future of sustainable fashion lies in renting clothes instead of buying them - a tried-and-true method for the stars. Instead of buying designer gowns from Dior or Oscar de la Renta, jewelry from Tiffany and delicate Valentino stilettos, the A-listers simply return them after their appearance on the red carpet. So will ordinary women soon be consuming fashion like the stars? Whether it's renting clothes on a monthly basis or a special occasion that calls for renting fashion: Market growth, sustainability, and a few other advantages clearly speak in favor of it.

Rent clothes - rapid market growth

According to studies, the global online clothing rental market will grow by USD 801.03 million between 2019 and 2023. The fast pace of fashion trends has long been known, as has the mass production of these trendy pieces by fast fashion companies. However, more and more consumers are making a conscious decision not to consume mainstream clothing, prompting the fashion industry to approach alternative clothing rental business models.

The increasing demand for designer clothing among women and the growing awareness of the adverse effects of disposing of unwanted clothing in landfills will drive the market segment to grow by 11% annually in the future. Unfortunately, the corona pandemic has brought some German providers into bankruptcy, including the Stay A While and Kilenda platforms.

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Modern wardrobe: Renting clothes comes with many advantages

  • Minimize carbon footprint: For many consumers, shopping for inexpensive mass-produced goods is part of their leisure time and fun. However, the environment bears the cost. This awareness is increasingly occurring and prompting a change: To contribute to environmental protection, more and more consumers are renting clothes instead of buying them.
  • No bad purchases: Another advantage of renting clothes is that bad purchases can be avoided. Due to the huge number of new trends, it always happens that things are bought that actually do not really fit or please. However, if these pieces are only borrowed, you can easily pass them on to the next wearer and also dare bolder styles.
  • Save money: Evening dresses and business attire in particular can quickly run into money - with the disadvantage that they are rarely worn. Renting these clothes for special occasions is therefore usually much cheaper - without having to sacrifice quality or designer labels as a consumer. This way, you can save money and get high quality for your everyday street style.
  • Overview in the closet: Borrowed clothing also has the advantage that you can return it and thus maintain an overview in the closet. In addition, the selection always remains up to date. Everyone knows the parts that still carry the price tag today because you either forgot about them or don't like them at all. Too much choice usually just makes dressing more difficult in the end, rather than simplifying it. Things are more minimalist with borrowed pieces. By the way, even a move becomes much more efficient this way!

A shared modern wardrobe for fashion victims

Last but not least, entire communities can be found on the rental pages. They rate the garments and exchange valuable styling tips with each other. So when you rent, you benefit not only from the clothes themselves, but also from the knowledge of many like-minded, style-conscious and environmentally aware consumers.


Platforms for renting clothes

The pioneering work of portals for renting clothing was done in the USA by "Rent the Runway" and "HURR". These have even brought their own capsule collections onto the market in cooperation with renowned designers. But also the German market offers more and more platforms with different rental models.

1. Rent the Runway

Three types of memberships can be purchased on Rent the Runway. With these, either 4 (1 Swap Membership), 8 (2 Swap Membership) or an unlimited number of garments (Unlimited Swaps) can be rented each month. There are 15,000 styles from more than 650 designers such as GANNI, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta or Proenza Schouler available for different occasions. Depending on the occasion - from vacation outfits to work looks to wedding gowns - garments can be filtered to make renting easier. Especially worth mentioning: sustainable designer labels like Reformation or AMUR are also available.

sustainable fashion

Source & Copyright Rent the Runway

2. Style Lend

This platform for renting clothing and accessories is uncompromisingly high-end. Whether Chanel or Christian Dior - Style Lend offers bags and garments of all well-known brands of the high-end sector. And it does so from private sellers. The website works by allowing users not only to rent items, but also to rent them out. All that is required is a monthly membership. The rental period is 7 days, and can be extended as often as desired. In keeping with modern sharing concepts, fashion victims can exchange their most beautiful items with one another.

3. Chic by choice

Chic by Choice is the go-to platform for festive occasions and designer clothing. Here, the dresses can be rented for four to eight days and the price also includes insurance against minor stains and professional cleaning afterwards. To ensure that the dresses really fit, they are always delivered in two sizes.

A trend for special occasions that is more and more integrated into everyday life

Inspired by the stars, the range of platforms and rental models continues to grow online. The reason: awareness of the production and disposal conditions of fast fashion - a far too high price for the environment.


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