Vegan en vogue: Top 5 luxury labels for vegan clothing

Be it alternatives to fur or leather - these high-end labels design vegan clothing with a luxurious look, without any animal suffering

Vegan clothing Nanushka mode
Photographer Alice Eneale for Nanushka Pre-Fall Collection 2020

Author: House of Eden

At least since the first Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles 2019, succeeds vegan Trend also the breakthrough in the luxury segment. It's more than one thing Diet or about getting people to be a holistic vegan lifestyle to cause. Rather, it's about a new perspective fashion and intersectionality of different areas of life such as the protection of the environment and animals.

High-end labels for vegan clothing show that it is possible to dress stylishly and modernly - in the context of protecting animal life. The launch of vegan collections by well-known designers can be seen as a tribute to the end of the exploitation of animals.

By using innovative materials such as Pinatex - an imitation leather made from pineapple - the aesthetics of the vegan clothing are not affected. The animal-friendly alternatives are qualitative, exclusive and stylish. Since the look does not differ from conventionally produced variants, it is the better choice for conscious consumers due to its animal and environmentally friendly production. luxury here means high quality and aesthetics in the context of modern values ​​of sustainability.


Searches for vegan clothing are increasing continuously

The increasing attention to environmentally friendly and ethical practices in the fashion world is also evident on the customer side. According to the 2020 Conscious Fashion Report von Lyst, an online search engine with which almost 5.000 brands can be compared, the sustainable trend is also reflected in the search queries of thousands of fashion enthusiasts. For example, the search query for vegan leather has increased by 69% within a year.

In view of the horrific environmental impact and animal suffering caused by the fashion industry, this trend is encouraging. However, its funding is also more relevant than ever. In the long term, the concept should overtake the fast fashion mainstream and ensure the protection of the planet and living beings.

What does vegan clothing mean anyway?

To enable a conscious shopping experience, we have put together the key facts about vegan fashion here:

  • No animal ingredients (wool, silk, leather, down, fur, etc.)
  • No animal testing and cruelty
  • The most important vegan seal for fashion: PETA Approved Vegan
  • Caution: buttons made of mother-of-pearl or rain jackets coated with beeswax are not vegan either

These are our top 5 designer labels for vegan clothing

  1. Stella McCartney
  2. LaSeine & Moi
  3. Nanushka
  4. Save the Duck
  5. Benedetti Life

1.Stella McCartney

The designer is considered a pioneer when it comes to fair and vegan fashion in the high-end segment, as she was the first to launch vegan collections. In doing so, she challenged the norm and established a modern understanding of fashion. Fashion that is stylish and, above all, innovative. As technology advances, it is possible to produce materials that completely eliminate the need for fur and leather.

For example, through the use of regenerated cashmere, Peace Silk or vegan leather. With her forward-looking way of thinking, she showed that modern fashion must represent values ​​of sustainability and transparency. There Stella McCartney also lives sustainably and vegan in private life, she was able to establish respect for people, nature and animals as a matter of course as a corporate philosophy.

Available in-house Online Store as well as Unger, MyTheresa or Farfetch. You can find all positive commitments here.

Vegan clothing - Stella McCartney

Source & Copyright by Stella McCartney - Spring Collection 2020

2. LaSeine & Moi

The Paris label is the first French luxury label to offer fake fur. Inspired by her love for vintage pieces and the many - but often no less environmentally harmful - alternatives to real fur, founder Lydia Bahia lacquered her first vegan collection in 2015. Feather-light, filigree jackets and lush statement coats reflect the style of Parisian chic. The vision: fashion has to be fun while it makes sense.

Manufactured in the heart of the French fashion capital, the ethical coats are recycled in line with the circular economy and processed into new products. In addition, the production is resource-saving and has far lower CO2 emissions than that of fur jackets. Quality seal: In 2017, LaSeine & Moi was recognized by PETA as the best vegan brand for faux fur.

Available in-house Online Store as well as Farfetch or Marie Claire Edit. You can find all positive commitments here.

Vegan clothing - La Seine & Moi

Source & Copyright by LaSeine & Moi - Coat Collection 2020

3. Nanushka

In 2005 Sandra Sandor founded her label in her hometown Budapest. She herself describes Nanushka as a contemporary fashion house for modern people. The designer outlines the values ​​of the new Luxury as well as conscious customers: garments have to be contemporary, but practical, durable and fair. She creates functional designs that can be worn day and night as well as all year round and are made from 100% animal-free materials. The label also understands craftsmanship as the innovative use of materials. In the production process, new ways of reusing production waste are therefore constantly being identified.

Well known: their vegan leather. Whether trousers or backs made of imitation leather, non-violent bags and shoes with crocodile embossing or robes with unusual cut-outs - Nanushka offers feminine, detailed and elegant garments with cultural influences such as the bohemian style. And without compromising on ethics, sustainability or trends.

Available in-house Online Store as well as Unger, Farfetch or Net-A-Porter. You can find all positive commitments here.


Source & Copyright by Nanushka

4. Save the Duck

In the fashion cosmos of Save the Duck fashion is 100% animal and violence free. With this approach, the pioneering label was the first Italian brand to receive the B CORPORATION® Certification. A seal that is only awarded to brands that meet the highest standards in terms of sustainability, responsibility and transparency. No wonder, the holistic approach of Save the Duck applies not only to animal welfare, but also to the environment in which the animals live, the people and the future.

In addition to a selection of products made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, the designs are particularly characterized by the in-house PLUMTECH® technology. It is an innovative, synthetic down material made from 100% recycled polyester. The colorful jackets are warm, breathable and waterproof even without animal down - and without restricting movement. The proof: In 2020, Mount Everest was climbed for the first time in history in completely vegan equipment by Save the Duck.

Available in-house Online Store as well as Breuninger, Engelhorn or Farfetch. You can find all positive commitments here.


5. Benedetti Life

Whether the reduction of CO2 emissions, recycling, fair working conditions in the textile industry or animal welfare - Benedetti Life is a holistically sustainable and animal-free luxury label. The focus of the corporate philosophy is the coexistence of luxurious aesthetics as well as ethics, sustainability and conscious consumption. Produced locally in Italy, non-toxic and natural materials are used. Benedetti Life is always on the lookout for new techniques to regenerate substances or to find alternatives that are environmentally and animal-friendly - and that PETA approved.

In order to draw attention to the destruction of natural habitats and the extinction of species and to express appreciation for nature and animals, the label dedicates each of its collections to an endangered species. Current: Parrot Pieces. The pieces, inspired by the colorful plumage, not only reflect the natural beauty of the species, but also make a politically and socially relevant statement. Fashion with a message for a better future.

Available in-house Online Store. You can find all positive commitments here.

Vegan clothing - Benedetti Life

Source & Copyright by Benedetti Life - Parrot Collection



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