Meghan Markle and her sustainable style

Since she's part of the royal family, all eyes are on Meghan Markle. Especially on her dress style. We show the sustainable favorite brands of the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle Style sustainable
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, emphasizes her style on environmentally conscious and sustainable clothing. This started with her evening wedding party, at Meghan Markle's dress by Vegan sneakers meet innovation: Stella McCartney wore, which is known for its sustainable collections.

This is how Meghan Markle's sustainable style works

1. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney's fashion stands for ethically produced and sustainable pieces. In addition, Stella McCartney does without leather in its parts. Meghan Markle has already styled herself on various occasions, including wearing a dress from this label for the Queen's 92nd birthday.

2. Veja

The French shoe brand makes sneakers that are different: with vegetable-tanned leather, organic cotton and a natural rubber sole. These Fairtrade shoes still look stylish and modern - and the production process at Veja is kept completely transparent. - An attitude and a style that are just right for Meghan Markle.

Vegan it-pieces: Veja, Esplar Nautico

3. Gabriella Hearst

Meghan Markle loves the style of Gabriella Hearst. This is characterized above all by sustainable materials, the use of "up-cycled" pieces and factory residues. As little waste is produced as possible. Gabrielle Hearst works primarily with artists from India, Bolivia and Italy.

Gabriela Hearst, Nina bag green

4. Hiut denim

The English label Hiut Denim puts great emphasis on the topic of sustainability and is particularly known for the fact that Meghan Markle styled black cotton trousers from Hiut Denim. - Since then there has been a waiting list of 3 months for this model. No wonder, because Hiut Denim only produces 100 trousers by hand every week. Anyone who has got hold of a pair of pants to imitate the Meghan Markle Style can be happy. By the way: the jeans label suggests that you wear the pants for 120 days before washing them. This saves water in the long run.

sustainable fashion

Hiut Denim, The Nina Skinny

5. Theory

Theory collections are a perfect match for Meghan Markle's style: feminine, classic, timeless and then sustainably produced. The materials at Theory are completely environmentally friendly. The new “Good Wool” collection, for example, consists of traceable merino wool from Australia and is woven fair-trade in Italy.

Theory, Wool Off-The-Shoulder Jacket


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