Milan Fashion Week closes with the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards

Milan Fashion Week ended with a clear statement for sustainability: the presentation of the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards

CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards
Source & Copyright by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana | The Biodiversity Conservation Award: Oasi Zegna - Teddy Quinlivan - Ermenegildo Zegna

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  • The 2022 CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards ceremony concludes Milan Fashion Week
  • 14 personalities and companies were honored for their socially and ecologically sustainable commitment
  • CNMI and Ellen MacArthur Foundation enter into long-term partnership to create a circular fashion industry

As every year, the fashion shows by Armani, Gucci, Prada and Valentino aroused the interest of the global fashion industry and drew their eyes to Milan Fashion Week. However, there was one important difference this year: the runways took place partly as part of an award ceremony to honor socially and ecologically sustainable commitment in the fashion industry. The CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022. This year marks a significant step for Milan Fashion Week, which is alongside pioneers like the Copenhagen Fashion Week joined the fashion sustainability movement.

The CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards are organized by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the ITA Agency and the City of Milan. Their goal: to recognize visionary personalities and companies in the Italian and international fashion industry in order to promote sustainable change.

CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards: Opportunity for ecological & economic change

After two years of pandemic and thus digital award ceremony, the fifth edition of the awards finally took place offline again. At the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Of course, the goal remained the same: Outstanding personalities and companies in the fashion world for their sustainable commitment in the areas of vision, innovation, craftsmanship, Inclusion, circular economy, human rights and environmental justice.

To make this commitment measurable, the CNMI and the Ethical Fashion Initiative have jointly developed an ESG due diligence table. Means: A scale with which the commitments of the nominees and their compliance can be carefully checked and analyzed. After this examination, the nominees are presented to an authoritative and internationally renowned jury to determine the winners.

This year, for the first time, the jury consists of non-profit organizations that deal with sustainable fashion issues. These include the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, whose founder, Dame Ellen MacArthur, will chair the jury. Your vision advances circular fashion industry at the center of the global agenda. The goal: to create new ecological and economic opportunities, taking into account the equality of all people.

CNMI x Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Collaboration for the Circular Economy

The CNMI will continue to work with the Ellen MacArhtur Foundation after the award ceremony. As the world's leading foundation for the transition to circular business models, the Foundation, in its role as a partner, aims to help the fashion industry as a circular economy to redesign it and to bring this orientation into the mainstream.

The vision: Use circular design to develop reusable products from recycled or renewable resources. That's how she can collaboration advance an industry that aims for the highest standards of industrial, environmental and social sustainability. Ultimately, fashion should be part of the solution to global challenges such as environmental pollution or poverty. Instead of contributing to these problems or even causing them.

These are the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards Winners

The CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022 made many small, yet loud and expressive statements for the buzz topics of sustainable fashion and innovation. Actress Rossy De Palma hosted the awards ceremony in a Valentino dress with rose embellishments handmade from recycled fabrics. And awarded the winners an individual reproduction of the iconic work of art "Venus in Rags", which was created using a 3D printer were manufactured.


Source & Copyright by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana | The Craft & Italian Artisanship Award: Bottega for Bottegas by Bottega Veneta

In total, the ceremony included 14 prizes, 13 of which were awarded. Namely for a large number of different criteria that promote sustainable development. That's how it became Prada Group received the Ocean Award for their educational project Sea Beyond, which raises students' awareness of marine conservation. Or the collaboration La Soldedad x Gucci with the Climate Action Award, as the initiative promotes regenerative agriculture in Uruguay. The full list of awards and winners includes:

  1. Ocean Award: Sea Beyond by Prada Group
  2. Climate Action Award: La Soledad x Gucci
  3. Social Impact Award: ARA Lumiere
  4. Groundbreaker Award: Grounded Indigo by Albini_Next and Stony Creek Colors
  5. Human Rights Award: Rubana Huq
  6. Bicester Collection Award for Emerging Designers: NKWO
  7. Philanthropy & Society Award: OTB Foundation
  8. Ellen MacArthur Foundation Award for Circular Economy: timber loop by Timberland
  9. Pioneer Award: Eileen Fisher
  10. Biodiversity Conservation Award: Oasi Zegna
  11. Craft & Italian Artisanship Award: Bottega for Bottegas by Bottega Veneta
  12. Equity & Inclusion Award: Not awarded
  13. Woolmark Company Award for Innovation: Sease
  14. Visionary Award: Giorgio Armani

What's next?

Nachdem die CPHFW for years for one upheaval in the fashion industry is struggling, the presentation of the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards and their relevant status within the framework of Milan Fashion Week proves that the sustainability movement has now reached every relevant authority in the industry. Despite this positive development, this mindset still has to reach the mainstream - apart from the established ones Luxury Maisons and ethical shooting stars. However, the media resonance of the event, the inspiring award winners and the industrial change that is taking place should be reason enough for it.


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