Sustainable sportswear and yoga fashion - More than just performance

The best brands for fair sportswear, active wear and sustainable yoga fashion

Sustainable sportswear, fair yoga fashion, organic cotton, fair

Author: Freya Mathiessen

Anyone, who enjoys to do sports, wants to do something good for their body and mind and therefore usually lives very consciously. Sportswear should be natural, fashionable and stylish. New trends include bright colors and patterns, thus providing many opportunities to be an eye-catcher when jogging or in the gym. Sustainable sportswear and yoga fashion thereto consists out of natural materials and are produced fairly. Above all, fair sportswear is free of pollutants, high quality and breathable.

These are our top brands for sustainable sportswear in 5

  • Patagonia
  • People Tree
  • Mandala
  • Adidas
  • Nike


Starting off with the production of functional outdoor clothing for climbers, Patagonia has aspired to be a pioneer in sustainable sportswear. The brand offers a range of casual and functional sports fashion in beautiful colors. For this, only innovative and environmentally friendly materials are used. Whether it is organic cotton, recyclable polyester or Polartec. Patagonia also keeps the entire goods chain transparent on its website and publicly recommends the second use of clothing.

Brand Origin: USA
Products: Sustainable active wear
Key facts: Innovative materials, functional clothing, fair trade certificate
Where to buy: In the online shop of Patagonia, in German, also delivers to Germany

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Bluebird powder day. ⁠ Photo: @ lauracasner⁠

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People Tree

People Tree is one of the first labels to produce ethical and fair trade clothing that is not only sustainable but also looks cool. Each piece is made by artisans and producers who work and are paid according to the standards of fair trade. People and nature are the focus of the brand. Moreover, the products are handmade and traditionally made from organic cotton and sustainable materials.

Brand Origin: UK
Key facts: Fair trade organic cotton, fair trade production, transparent supply chain
Where to buy: In the online shop of People Tree, in German, also delivers to Germany


Mandala is one Germany's first yoga labels. Their sustainable yoga and sports collection is made from organic and environmentally friendly materials and guarantees fair and ethical production. Unusual cuts and striking colors typify the yoga fashion by Mandala. Products are manufactured in Turkey and in a very own textile factory in Shanghai. Sustainability activist Daria Daria is a big fan!

Brand Origin: Germany
Key facts: Organic cotton, materials from recycled plastic bottles, transparent supply chain and fair production
Where to buy: In the online shop of Mandala


Is known for its sustainable sportswear, primarily due to its collaboration with Stella McCartney (Adidas x Stella McCartney), who is a representative of sustainable luxury fashion. Adidas' cooperation with the Ocean Awareness Group for the well-known Parley sports shoe which is made from plastic waste from the sea, has also emphasized their focus on sustainability. Now, the brand has a whole range of fair sports clothing and is starting a campaign to support the circular economy through: Adidas Futurecraft, the 100% recyclable shoe.

Brand Origin: Germany
Key facts: Fairly produced, recycled materials
Where to buy: In stores or in the online shop of Adidas

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"As a runner, you typically have a few pairs of shoes you're rotating through. You may need a different shoe for long runs, another shoe for speed. We might run through a pair in a month and a half. So ideally, you'd have different types that meet different needs, but each pair would be recyclable. A shoe like this could mean that I'm not chucking 10 pairs of shoes in landfill every year. ”⁣ ⁣ Founder of @GirlsRunNYC, @JessieZapo is one of 200 [FUTURECRAFT.LOOP] beta testers. She gave heaps of feedback on GEN 1 and returned it to us. We remade it into Jessie's GEN 2. Zero performance lost. Zero plastic waste. One step closer to our journey to end plastic waste.⁣ ⁣ [FUTURECRAFT.LOOP] Made to be remade. ⁣ ⁣ #FUTURECRAFT LOOP #adidasRunners

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With its "Move to Zero" campaign, Nike aims to reduce its CO2 emissions and waste production to zero. The brand uses recycled materials for its shoes as well as clothing. In 2019, a sustainable yoga collection was released and is available for both, women and men.

Brand Origin: USA
Key facts: Sustainable cotton, recycled materials, "Reuse-A-Shoe" - let your sneaker be recycled
Where to buy: In stores or online in the shop of Nike


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