Natural facial toners: Essentials of a sustainable care routine

Natural facial toners are the clean beauty hack for beautiful & healthy skin. Green trend or relevant mainstream development?


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Simple makeup removers can be found in almost every bathroom and are an integral part of the daily beauty routine for many. Just a few circular movements are enough to remove foundation, concealer, or mascara from your face. However, beauty care should not end with the mere removal of makeup. In order to perfect the complexion in the long term and in the long term, the face must also be provided with balanced care after cleansing. In Korea, the country for cosmetic innovation, natural facial toners have long been an elementary part of the care cosmos in response to the clean beauty trend for precisely this reason.

So it's no wonder that established players in the luxury cosmetics segment, such as Lancôme, are also picking up on this development with an exclusive range of facial tonics with natural ingredients. And thus even make an important contribution to the sustainable development of the industry.

What exactly are natural facial toners?

As the name suggests, facial toners are liquids used to cleanse and care for the face. Of course, they must be used regularly and continuously to develop their optimal effect. If this succeeds, they have a refreshing, skin-soothing, and sometimes even antiseptic effect. They also fight impurities, reduce pores and prevent skin aging. In short, this means: They improve the appearance and health of the skin. That's why it's also worth choosing a facial toner depending on your skin type - be it for dry, oily, or irritated skin. Just because certain products are currently experiencing hype does not mean that they are also suitable for your face.

Natural facial tonics are therefore a variant of the product that contain only natural ingredients. These include, for example Honey, chamomile, rose or tea tree oil. A small manual for using facial toner with natural ingredients: After removing make-up, put a small amount of the product of choice on a reusable cotton pad and apply regularly to the face and décolleté. Whether the product should be washed off again after use varies from article to article.

Natural facial toner, toner or micellar water - these are the differences

Although the beauty buzzword facial tonic is now really well known, many still don't really know how it differs from other care products such as micellar water or toner. Most of the time, the terms are even used synonymously. The necessary know-how can significantly optimize the care routine since the products each have different advantages and are therefore differently suitable for different goals.

Facial Toner

As already mentioned, facial tonic is used for subsequent cleaning of the skin and gently frees it from leftover oil or dirt. In addition, it nourishes the skin with valuable ingredients, so that both its optical and health condition improves.


Moisturizing intermediate step: The application of a toner should take place after cleansing and before skin care. More precisely, its task is to regulate the basic pH after removing make-up and to moisturize. This softens the tissue so that the subsequent care is better absorbed by the skin. This makes it the preparation that optimizes the absorption of active ingredients in the next product. It is not suitable for cleaning or care alone.

Micellar water 

Micellar water cleans quickly and effectively. And that too without the use of additional products. In this way they remove make-up and at the same time provide skin-soothing and caring active ingredients. Attention: Although micellar water promises simple, effective cleaning, consumers should definitely pay attention to natural, harmless ingredients - just like with any consumer decision.

These harmful substances dominate the Clean Beauty No-List

To this day, many conventional cosmetic products still contain toxic ingredients. Since these come into direct contact with the skin, they penetrate deep into it or make it more permeable to foreign substances. In addition, they get directly into the groundwater through washing, which is thereby contaminated. And with a negative impact on various ecosystems. Long story short: If you want to protect your health and the environment, make sure to avoid these harmful ingredients when buying cleansing products such as facial tonic:

  1. Micro plastic: Include various plastics that are added to beauty products due to their cheap price point. These include acrylates, polyacrylates, polyethylenes, polypropylenes, polystyrenes or polyquaternium.
  2. Emulsifiers: Their task is to combine oil and water. However, they are often made from environmentally harmful petroleum derivatives, which can also trigger allergies. Therefore, consumers should prefer to use natural emulsifiers such as honey instead of consuming products containing PEG (polyethylene glycol), PEG derivatives and sodium lauryl sulfate.
  3. Mineral oils: Many brands use mineral oils because they extend the shelf life of products. However, their disadvantages outweigh this supposed advantage: The production of such mineral oils is considered to be the cause of numerous environmental disasters, including oil slicks. If you want to spot them on the ingredients list, look for petrolatum, paraffin, petroleum jelly, or ceresin.
  4. Hormone-active substances: If these get into our groundwater, they have serious effects on the oceans. This is because their composition makes it difficult for corals to metabolize, which can eventually cause them to die. To prevent this, substances such as Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Oxybenzone, Benzophenone and Methylbenzylidene Camphor should be avoided.
  5. Palm oil: For decades, the rainforest has been cleared to Palm oil to grow With this calculation, the industry is destroying important ecosystems such as animal habitats and making it more difficult for the forest to absorb CO2. Substances such as cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid or all words that contain "palm" are clearly on the no-list for skin care products.

Lancôme natural facial tonic for a sustainable cleansing routine

But now the good news: More and more brands are doing without questionable ingredients and are launching an environmentally friendly product portfolio that contains, for example, natural facial tonic. In the meantime, these are no longer just green niche brands off the mainstream. Keyword clean beauty movement. Established, top-class beauty companies also show the will to develop further, to stay up to date and to strengthen their sustainable and social commitments. Instead of resting on their premium position.

Part of this movement is a French cosmetics brand that, as a relevant player in the beauty cosmos, is still not well known enough for its sustainable mission: Lancôme. In addition to other products, the luxury company offers a wide range Facial Cleansing with natural ingredients for every skin type. Of course without seriously toxic ingredients. Below:

Tonique Douceur: Natural facial toner

The facial toner is based on water and glycerin. Ingredients that are harmless to both nature and humans. By leaving out alcohol, it is also particularly suitable for dry skin types and, despite its cleansing effect, does not remove moisture. The careful composition of the ingredients in this natural facial tonic ultimately ensures that pores are reduced and the complexion smooth and even.

natural face lotion lancome douceuer

Source & Copyright by Lancôme

Tonique Confort: facial tonic with natural ingredients 

The soothing Tonique Confort was specially developed for sensitive and dry skin. It removes impurities particularly gently and develops a calming and hydrating effect. Its formula has a natural basis: an active ingredient complex made from honey and yeast extract.

natural face lotion lancome 1

Source & Copyright by Lancôme

Beauty in harmony with sustainability and fairness

Aside from specific products, Lancôme has made it its general mission to work towards a better tomorrow. As one of the world's leading cosmetics brands in the high-end sector, it recognizes its responsibility and wants to limit its environmental impact and reduce it through continuous improvement. The brand motivates its consumers with reusable, refillable and recyclable products for sustainable consumption. For example, in 2018 it introduced refillable Absolute capsules, which have already saved 250 tons of glass.

In addition, Lancôme strives to introduce regenerative agricultural production methods. This also includes the sustainable cultivation of roses, which has been awarded the EU-ECOCERT seal for organic farming and contributes to the protection of biodiversity. By supporting the NABU (Nature Conservation Union), the luxury brand is also making a concrete contribution to the long-term preservation of a piece of forest. This contribution preserves biological diversity, donates habitats for rare animal species and promotes climate protection CO2 in wood and forest arch is stored.

lancome roses -2

Source & Copyright by Lancôme

Ultimately, Lancôme wants to reduce its agricultural footprint by creating sustainable and fair conditions for cultivation and the extraction of ingredients and minimize the negative effects of the products. In concrete terms, this project has been translated into a commitment that by 95 2030% of the ingredients are of natural origin, 100% of the organic ingredients and all packaging materials are traceable and come from sustainable sources and no materials are associated with deforestation.

Leading brand, leading responsibility: why established companies should focus more on clean beauty in the future

Anyone who has already dealt with L'Oreal's global sustainability program should not be too surprised at Lancôme's commitment. As a luxury brand of the leading group, it is part of the plan to optimize the impact of all business activities in terms of both environmental and social sustainability. Big names like these need to use their reach and clout to position sustainability not as an add-on, but as the only way forward. Quite simply because eco-friendly products like natural toners are better choices for the environment and people. Our learning: Industry giants can become important pioneers who do this Strengthening the mindset of consumers, inspire other brands to act responsibly or commit them to new industry standards and thus steer towards a positive future.


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