News: Burberry launches “ReBurberry” to promote sustainability

New collection presented - the British modelable promotes sustainability with innovative materials

Burberry sustainability
Source & Copyright by Burberry London
  • Burberry's Spring / Summer 2020 collection focuses on sustainability
  • Materials used: ECONYL®, bio-acetate, bio-nylon and recycled polyester
  • The collection includes jackets, sunglasses, bags and backpacks

After Burberrys ECONYL® Capsule Collection and the promise to eliminate all unnecessary plastic packaging by 2025, the British luxury label continues to promote sustainability. “ReBurberry” is the name of the new collection, which includes jackets, sunglasses, bags and backpacks made from recycled materials and fabrics. “The selection of designs from the spring / summer 2020 collection was created with the aim of positively influencing the planet”, it says on the Burberry website. The sustainable edition comprises a total of 26 items. With this, “ReBurberry” positions the company founded in 1856 once again as part of the Sustainable Luxury movement, with the overarching goal of becoming completely climate-neutral.

Burberry: Sustainability through ECONYL®, bio-acetate and bio-nylon

The focus is once again on ECONYL®, a sustainable nylon yarn that is obtained from scraps of material, old fishing nets and industrial plastics. Among other things, Burberry produces from it Handle bags, Hooded Jackets and Parkas.

The sunglasses available in seven different colors ”Blake”Which Riccardo Tisci designed and is named after the British poet William Blake, consists of bio-acetate. In contrast to ordinary acetate, sustainable cotton fibers form the basis for the organic acetate used by Burberry. These can not only be obtained from renewable resources, but are also biodegradable.

Classic Burberry style, innovative "ReBurberry" materials

According to the classic Burberry style Hooded jacket made from recycled polyester with a vintage check pattern on. However, there is a peculiarity behind the familiar look: the hooded jacket is made from recycled polyester yarns. In this way, she continues the zero waste concept that Burberry has implemented in its corporate culture. The presents itself just as environmentally conscious Jacket made of organic nylon with a packable hood. The material is made from resources such as castor oil, which are based on renewable raw materials.



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