News: GREENSTYLE brings fair fashion & education to Munich

The fashion industry has to become more sustainable - that's exactly why GREENSTYLE Awareness, reach & visibility for forward-thinking changemakers

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  • What: GREENSTYLE will take place from November 30.11th to December 04.12.2022th, XNUMX
  • Where: @ Heim + Handwerk at the Munich exhibition center
  • Why: To accelerate positive change in the fashion and textile industry

After the GREENSTYLE in Munich 2020 had to be canceled due to the pandemic, the Fair Fashion Fair & Conference will finally take place analogously again. In the period from 30.11. Until December 04.12.2022th, XNUMX, consumers, industry and media have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, experience sustainable fashion and promote the transformation of the textile industry together. In order to realize this mission, the event series relies on cooperation. Since sustainable fashion often takes place within the framework of a niche bubble, it applies with help productive partnerships to grow out of this. More precisely: It is important to maximize visibility and reach in order to reach the mainstream. And thus to establish new norms.


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In the recent past, GREENSTYLE has already been able to expand its target group and community through cooperation with established trade fairs. Motivated by these synergies, after the GREENSTYLE x Neonyt Lab by Messe Frankfurt and the GREENSTYLE @ Biolife (Messe Bozen) now follows the GREENSTYLE @ Heim+Handwerk at the Munich exhibition center. Here you can visit the fair on almost 500 square meters and be inspired by 25 trend-setting brands!

Quick reminder: That's what GREENSTYLE is all about

With GREENSTYLE, founder Mirjam Smend has created an innovative conference format that brings together speakers from politics, business, trade and NGOs to discuss and develop creative solutions to tackle the fashion problem. In addition, it offers sustainable brands a platform in front of the press, trade visitors and consumers. The format is considered a knowledge hub that opens up trend-setting perspectives on fair fashion and ethical luxury. The goal: A change in consciousness green fashion shows, workshops, meet & greets and exciting panels.

Why is this so important? The way we deal with fashion must change drastically in order to achieve the 2030 climate goals. Currently, this is characterized by neither sustainable nor ethical overproduction on the part of the industry - on the part of the consumer by blind and Microtrend-oriented overconsumption. In view of the global crises and climate change, education and enthusiasm for more conscious consumer behavior are more relevant than ever.

This is what awaits you at the GREENSTYLE in Munich

Whether the status quo of the textile industry, alternative consumption models, circular approaches like pre-loved, or sustainable materials - the Fair Fashion Fair & Conference discusses the most relevant topics of sustainable fashion. Critical yet positive, innovative and above all solution-oriented. In addition to the daily GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Panel Talks at 15 p.m., the "20 Years of GOTS" event on December 03.12rd one of the highlights of the fair. Extra goodie: gourmets can consistentlyTea by Pukka try.

GREENSTYLE Elements Clemente

Source & Copyright by GREENSTYLE | Elements Clemente

In addition, 25 brands, including Akjumii, Elements Clemente and Frijda Juni, show how chic sustainable fashion is. GREENSTYLE thus proves that sustainable fashion is anything but its antiquated eco-image. It means zeitgeist, innovation, aesthetics and sustainability.

You can find more information and tickets here here


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