News: Gucci promotes environmental protection through "Gucci Off The Grid"

Gucci launches sustainable collection made from regenerated ECONYL®, pushing ahead with its 10-year sustainability plan

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  • Gucci launches its new, sustainable collection Gucci Off The Grid
  • Gucci Off The Grid is the first collection of the Gucci Circular Lines
  • The collection focuses on environmentally friendly materials

With Gucci Off The Grid, the luxury label proves once again that environmental protection is an integral part of the company's philosophy. The digital platform was published in 2018 Gucci Equilibriumin order to transparently communicate all sustainability goals and announced the goal of reducing its CO2 footprint by 2025% by 40. The focus of the project was on innovative circular economy processes, zero waste strategies and regenerative processes. Methods now used at Gucci Off The Grid. And thus proof that the Italian high-end label is his Sustainability strategy around the environment, people and innovation.

Gucci Off The Grid

Sustainable and new, Gucci Off The Grid is the first collection from the Gucci Circular Lines initiative to promote the circular economy. This focuses on recycled, regenerated, ecological and sustainable materials and aims to promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle and minimize CO2 emissions. A clear sign that premium goods with the highest standards of design, aesthetics and quality can go hand in hand with sustainability.

gucci sustainability

Source & Copyright by Gucci

Gucci relies on innovative regeneration processes

More and more brands in the high-end segment are relying on the material ECONYL®. The reason for this is its functionality and its unbeatable environmental balance. And Gucci has also chosen the material for its sustainable collection. ECONYL® is a 100% recycled and sustainable nylon fiber, for the production of which an innovative cleaning and regeneration process was developed. As soon as products made from the material are no longer usable, they can be returned directly to the regeneration system.

While ECONYL® promotes the circular economy, the view of the environmental impact of the yarn is also impressive: In comparison to traditional production methods, the production saves 57.100 tons of CO2 emissions. In this way, supposedly useless nylon waste is transformed into high-quality products that are resource-saving, climate-neutral and holistically sustainable.

Respect for the environment and people

The collection aims to raise awareness of the responsibility that everyone has towards the environment and their fellow human beings. Consisting of sexless shoes, luggage, accessories and ready-to-wear pieces, the collection is intended to encourage everyone who is on a journey - whether spiritual or literally. At the same time, however, remind that our planet must be treated with respect and that environmentally friendly practices should be the guiding principle of many actions.

Classic Gucci design, new sustainability values

While the entire product range consists of either ECONYL® or other recyclable, biodegradable materials, the high-end label remains true to the design: the classic "GG" jacquard adorns the sustainable designer pieces. The range of bags ranges from a backpack, modern belt bags, shoulder bags and a duffel bag. Available in glossy black, orange and yellow, they are each finished with a black leather tag and a gold-colored Gucci logo.

Gucci Off The Grid

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Accessories are also on the pulse: wallets, mini bags, bucket hats and baseball caps are in the classic jacquard design, but they represent modern values ​​of sustainability and streetwear. In terms of shoes, the Gucci Tennis 1997 sneaker experienced its revival. In high-and low-top versions, while Gucci is ready-to-wear with two sustainable sets of matching training jackets and pants.

Blast from the Past

In the creative design process of the ready-to-wear sets, Creative Director Alessandro Michele was inspired by Gucci's past. Shell suits were already popular among the fashion giant's customers in the 1980s and 90s. Today, when they are experiencing their renaissance, they can either be worn separately, as a single entry or as a mix & match. The parts can be easily combined with one another. And also as a casual everyday look.

Between sustainability & streetwear

In terms of design, the luxury brand also relies on the classic "GG" jacquard for the tracksuits - either plain in black or a little more exciting in orange. Elastic cuffs, silver buttons, zips and large pockets complete the look. Since Gucci brings both the sustainability and the streetwear trend in line, the hype about the new it pieces is no surprise shortly after their launch.


Source & Copyright by Gucci

To celebrate the launch of the sustainable collection, Gucci has integrated a special feature into its app. Here, users can test their knowledge of the collection and the circular production processes. If you are right, you can build a virtual tree house and even unlock a background for social media.



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