News: Gucci x Ellen MacArthur Foundation for a circular fashion industry

Gucci is collaborating with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to extend its commitment to circular economy

Gucci Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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Gucci has announced its latest strategic partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. This should support the Italian fashion house circular economy fully integrated into its business models. Complementing Gucci's ongoing commitment to driving positive change for people and the planet.

Gucci x Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Gucci has been demonstrating for years how a brand can operate responsibly in the luxury segment. Along the entire value chain and without compromising on quality, aesthetics or innovation. Future-oriented keywords such as recycling, upcycling, second life, vintage, fur waiverand regeneration adorn the sustainability portfolio of the house. These include initiatives to develop leftover material reuse solutions with Gucci Scrap-Less and Gucci-Up, programs for the resale of exclusive vintage products with Gucci Vaultand collections that bring together contemporary streetwear and regenerative materials Gucci Off The Grid.

As part of the second edition of the Gucci Equilibrium Impact Reports, CEO Bizzarri has now announced a collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The aim is to expand Gucci's position as a responsible and sustainable company. This mission is based on Gucci's existing circular economy strategy, which is based on three core principles: avoiding waste and pollution, developing circular products and materials, and regenerating nature. The latest collaboration aims to further this commitment through further strategies to promote circular methods and regenerative agriculture complete.

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And the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is exactly the right partner to implement this vision. The charity is committed to making the transition to a circular economyand to accelerate a sustainable and social economic system. Therefore it develops innovative ideas and brings together companies, scientists, political decision-makers and institutions to mobilize large-scale system solutions worldwide. Together with Gucci, the foundation is now pushing the development of industry-leading Solutions for the fashion cosmos. Recycling and regeneration instead of climate change, pollution and loss of biodiversity.

Circularity in fashion through circulating knowledge

The first agreement of collaborationis Gucci's ongoing commitment to enriching its collections with circular approaches throughout the product lifecycle. In addition, the traditional company wants to develop innovative products that are made from safe, recycled or renewable materials and designed with reuse in mind. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation supports Gucci with its operational know-how. For example, she identifies business areas where circularity can be further integrated. And it also educates Gucci for the future: Foundation educational resources and courses are designed to deepen Gucci's understanding of circular economy principles and practices.

Gucci will also continue to invest in promoting regenerative agriculture as part of its Natural Climate Solutions portfolio. Here too, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation takes on the role of advisor and supports the luxury brand in making a holistic commitment to the use of regenerative resources.

Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report 2021 -What's next?

In addition to the ecological targets, the Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report also addresses social issues. Underneath Diversity, Inclusion and positive change in local communities. However, the buzz topic and highlight of the report is clearly the circular economy.

Due to the promising collaboration, the ambitious sustainability goals seem credible and even achievable. Players like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation play a relevant role in developing design and manufacturing processes that are in line with circular economy principles. Means: The luxury brand positions itself again as pioneer for positive change. And illustrates the added value of collaborations that not only want to generate great design, but also valuable knowledge.


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