Nike News: New program to accentuate the sustainable products of the sports fashion giant

One click, all sustainable products at a glance - with this simple function, Nike is driving sustainability in the fashion industry

Nike news
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Author: Julia Schindler

Every year, Earth Day encourages people to become active in environmental protection and to rethink their own behavior. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary 2020, Nike is now launching a new program to promote more conscious consumer behavior among customers. This includes new functions on the website, which make it easier to filter and buy sustainable products.

With these features, Nike shows how easily sustainability can work

These are the features with which Nike promotes sustainability:

  • New filter: Under the tab "Shop Sustainable Materials", all sustainable products can be viewed at a glance
  • The Sunburst badge: Every product made from at least 50% sustainable materialsm is equipped with the Sunburst badge - both online and in stores.
  • Transparency: Products that meet the 50% claim of the Sunburst badge can be examined more closely. "How This Was Made" explains the materials including their manufacture and highlights advantages over conventional fabrics.

Nike News

Source & Copyright by Nike - Sunburst Badge

Nike's sustainability mission: step by step towards a healthy future

However, this Nike News is not the first sustainable measure by the sportswear giant. Rather, the new program is part of a big picture. Nike has been specializing in establishing innovative materials and production processes with as little environmental impact as possible for more than 2 decades. The company also launched the "Move To Zero" campaign in 2019 with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and waste to zero.

The vision: protect and preserve the environment to enable future generations to realize their potential. Be it the first recyclable Nike shoe from over 30 years ago or the current program - Nike is becoming increasingly committed. Even if the company still has many starting points to drive positive change holistically, the new features are a step in the right direction.


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