NJAL launches its first sustainable collection: Collection N°1

After NJAL has already given 50.000 designers a voice in fashion, the first own & sustainable Collection N°1 follows

Collection No.1
Source & Copyright by Not Just A Label

Author: Sidney Kadziolka

  • Not Just A Label launches its first own collection, Collection N°1
  • Collection N°1 was designed in the feedback process with the NJAL network and represents the wishes of trend-setting designers
  • The collection meets the highest standards of functionality and sustainability

Not Just A Label has been helping since 2008 fashion industry to democratize. As? As the world's largest network, it offers up-and-coming pioneers the opportunity to present their creations free of charge. Today, the contemporary fashion platform already represents 50.000 designers from over 150 countries who are committed to sustainability as well as their local communities artisans support. However, NJAL now goes one step further. On April 28, 2022, Not Just a Label will launch its first collection, Collection N°1. A separate collection that not only sustainable and ethical production conditions guaranteed, but also represents the global community of designers who together form the foundation of NJAL.

For more insights into how the platform empowers designers, regardless of time, place, and financial and social resources, to strengthen their presence and integrity on a global scale, visit Interview with founder Stefan Siegel - a visionary whose revolutionary approach helps to break with the rigid conventions of the Fashion Systems to break.

Collection N°1: Token of collective & creative appreciation

In the face of COVID-19 pandemic closures and other restrictions meant that designers and artists were faced with enormous challenges. All the more impressive was the determination of many to find ways to use their creative work in their Workshops to pursue. And thus to put their passion above financial security, economic stability and frustration. Inspired by this mindset, Collection N°1 by Not Just A Label includes pieces suitable as atelier work uniforms. On the one hand, NJAL wants to symbolically give something back to the community, but on the other hand also to Financing contribute to their businesses.

COLLECTION N°1 by NJAL - Campaign Image - 4-2-2

Source & Copyright by Not Just A Label

Beyond the "giving back" aspect of the collection, it is characterized in particular by the inclusion of the Community in their design process. In order to define trend-setting cornerstones for the design, a questionnaire was sent to 1.000 designers from the Not Just A Label network. He inquired about wishes and demands on the collection. The answers were then curated by product designer Hande Sadic, formerly employed by labels such as Alexander McQueen and Victoria Beckham. The result: Based on the feedback from the designers, practicality, comfort, simplicity Mobility and Minimalism identified as the most important design elements - environmental awareness as the top priority for production.

Design at the interface of functionality and sustainability

result of the collective co-creation is an 8-piece collection consisting of basics at the intersection of modernity and functionality. More specifically, Collection N°1 includes an atelier jacket, crop top, t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, sweatpants, shorts and mini-shorts. These are each available in five colors (Eco Orange, Ruby Red, Leaf Green, Off-White and Black). The extra clue: Each part has practical details, such as hidden ones bags for Atelier essentials such as scissors, notepads or headphones.

COLLECTION N°1 by NJAL - Product List - Black - 2

Source & Copyright by Not Just A Label

But the collection does not only meet the highest standards in terms of functionality - Collection N°1 was produced in the most sustainable way possible today. Means: The fabric is made from a blend of recycled cotton as well organic cotton and was based on natural vegetable raw materials colored like flowers or tree bark. In addition, the problem of waste production taken into account, which is why all garments were made in Portugal as a very limited collection. Overstock excluded.

Lesson Learned: Future Model Collaboration

As a contemporary fashion project, Collection N°1 by Not Just A Label proves that the cooperation of a global, open-minded community can not only create something special, but can also make a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the fashion system. Openness and collaboration lead to innovative solutions. Both in terms of sustainability and ethics, as well as in terms of design.

COLLECTION N°1 by NJAL - Campaign Image - 4-2-2

Source & Copyright by Not Just A Label

The collection is available from April 28, 2022 shop.notjustalabel.com .


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