Contemporary fashion house Ganni becomes B Corp certified

The fashion house receives B Corp certification due to its commitment to ethics and sustainability

Source & Copyright by Ganni

Author: Julia

    • Ganni is now B Corp certified
    • B Corp recognizes responsibility towards the environment, community, employees and customers
    • Until uniform legislation is introduced, B Corp is the most important reference for sustainable business models

Ganni has been B Corp certified. And has thus received a globally reliable award for responsible business practices in line with social and ecological sustainability. Since the Scandi brand has become one of the most important in recent years Brands to Watch has advanced, effortlessly competing with established luxury houses and international interest in the green CPHFW directed, this certificate is an important statement for the potential for success of responsible brands in the fashion industry.

What B Corp is all about

B Corp is a well-known certificate that is considered a seal of quality for green business models. However, very few people know exactly what this is all about. So a little reminder doesn't hurt: The non-profit organization Benefit Corporation awards the international B Corp certification to companies that set high standards for ethics, sustainability, transparency and fulfill accountability. This is how the non-profit network wants the global Systematically transform the economyto generate social and ecological added value.

In the certification process, companies must go through a strict test procedure. The "B Impact Assessment". More specifically, this consists of more than 300 questions on five key areas: corporate governance, employee rights, community, environment and customers. The effects of the company on each sub-area are made measurable so that companies can achieve certain scores. However, they must achieve at least 80 points out of a possible 200 to receive certification. In addition, to ensure that companies are continuously tracking their commitments, they must be re-certified every three years.

Why fashion needs brands like Ganni & awards like B Corp

Since initiatives to promote sustainability are not yet subject to uniform political regulations, many brands lack a reference for measuring theirs Commitments. For this reason, Ganni founder Nicolaj Reffstrup sees an opportunity in the certification: "B Corp offers a tangible and transparent framework for holding companies to account and setting industry standards". As long as there is no cross-industry audit, B Corp is thus considered an external commitment that obliges brands to themselves and to the public to promote ethics and sustainability. "There is no retreat from here," Reffstrup said in an official press release.

Ganni's B Corp Score

After Ganni had already submitted its application in August 2020, the brand has now achieved a total of 90,6 points along the five key impact areas. And thus one of the highest scores, the contemporary fashion brands have been able to achieve so far. After all, the average score of applicants is 50,9.

Ganni B Corp

Source & Copyright by Ganni

However, Reffstrup sees the B Corp certification as just part of Ganni's journey, not the end goal. This is to get 2025 points by 150. Namely, by introducing a carbon insetting system, innovative fabrics scaled and invested further in circular business models.

What's next: An ultimate standard?

B Corp is not completely free of criticism: Ultimately, the award is based on self-disclosures from companies, which is why glossed-over self-portrayals can be assumed. Nevertheless, it currently represents one of the best and most reliable frames of reference for comparatively measuring the social and ecological impact of brands. Until there is general legislation, the fashion world is therefore clearly dependent on standards such as B Corp. And brands like Ganni, which prove that contemporary design, global success and sustainability go hand in hand.


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