Stella McCartney unveils first mushroom leather bag as part of SS22

The sustainable and vegan luxury brand launches the first handbag made from vegan Mycelium leather

Stella M Maylo
Source & Copyright by Stella McCartney

Author: Sydney

Innovation from the laboratory - the sustainable future

Leather made from mushrooms, which once sounded utopian, is now future-proof. The awareness and desire for sustainable alternatives is growing in the fashion industry. As a result, many labels work in close collaboration with biotech companies to develop new opportunities and offerings for their customers. About vegan leather innovationsis often reported, but the end product actually held only a few in their hands.

Companies like Bolt Threads, a biotech brand from California, are therefore working on making the material scalable. The leather grown by Bolt Threads called Mylo™ consists of mycelium, a renewable and biodegradable mycelium. Now vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney is launching the first bag made from Mylo™ at Paris Fashion Week. Brands like Adidas and Hermès with the first prototypes their ambitions to promote the research & development of Pilleder. Stella McCartney's bag is available to purchase as a limited edition as part of SS22.

Source & Copyright by Bolt Threads

Stella McCartney takes the lead

The result of a 5-year collaboration between Bolt Threads and the sustainable luxury fashion label Stella McCartney is a stylish handbag. The first prototype appeared in 2018, from then on it was continuously improved and developed. Until finally a finished bag was presented as part of the SS22 collection at Paris Fashion Week. As one of the first designers to ever use Mylo™ in her studio, Stella is instrumental in bringing the leather alternative to life. Mylo™ is not only a natural and sustainable material, but also comes very close to real leather in terms of quality and properties.

"Frayme Mylo™" offers a glimpse of tomorrow's conscious fashion industry. Inspired by McCartney's "Fabella bag", the crescent-shaped bag is a real eye-catcher. An oversized chain strap made from recycled aluminum provides further accents. The entire collection this year is inspired by nature and its vibrant nature, with a focus on mushrooms. The bag is currently available in black and is limited to 10 pieces, but there are plans to include it in the future collection. The bag will be available from July 01.07.2022, 1.295 at a price of €XNUMX.

Source Copyright by Stella McCartney / Bolt Threads

With a limited edition, there is still no talk of scalability, but many years of cooperation show that the market needs a change and is looking for alternatives. So more investments and the support of other brands are needed to make the innovative materials suitable for the masses.


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