Don't miss List: 10 sustainable news in June

From sustainable hotels to organic cosmetics to vegan grilled food – we reveal what sustainable news you can look forward to this month

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Source & Copyright by Maslina Resort

Author: House of Eden

June not only brings warm temperatures and long days, but also a lot of exciting news about sustainability. From luxurious, environmentally friendly accommodation about innovative Beauty products to culinary highlights and trend-setting events – this month is chock-full of sustainable news that inspires and motivates us to live more consciously and responsibly.


Mindful Luxury at Maslina Resort

On the coast of Croatia has with the Maslina Resort a sustainable refuge opened its doors. Nestled in olive groves and pine forests, nature is omnipresent in the 50 rooms and suites as well as the three villas of the five-star hotel. Because sustainability is the top priority in this responsible luxury home. The hotel takes a holistic approach - from the furnishings to the restaurant. For example, only regional food is served on the table. Herbs, fruit and vegetables are grown in the hotel's organic garden. The hotel also consistently avoids plastic. Electricity-free fitness equipment is available for guests Wooden bicycles ready. In addition, Mattresses made of natural rubber a restful sleep.

Source & Copyright by Maslina Resort


Payot has sustainable news

The French beauty brand Payot is expanding its “My Payot” line with five new care products. These are not just good for our skin, but also good for nature. Ultimately, the sustainable beauty innovations stand out clean, vegan formulas that contain up to 99% ingredients of natural origin. The vitamin-enriched formulas give the skin its daily dose of energy, give it a natural radiance and protect it from free radicals. In keeping with the eco-friendly approach, the packaging was also made from recyclable and recycled materials.

Source & Copyright by Payot


Eat veggie in Hamburg at Café Good One

In the new Café Good One In Hamburg's Schanzenviertel we indulge in vegan food heaven. The 100% plant-based café is located directly on Sternstrasse and spoils us with vegan delicacies. A sweet or savory breakfast is served here in the morning, there is a changing lunch menu at lunchtime and we can enjoy coffee and small snacks in the afternoon. The menu includes, among other things, a choco banana bread with maple syrup, French toast with pistachio matcha cream or a sourdough bread with caramelized pears. Coffee is served or we treat ourselves to a freshly prepared smoothie with everything the world of fruit and vegetables has to offer.

Source & Copyright by Café Good One


Sustainable Jewelery by LLR Studios

A great selection of sustainable jewelry can now be found in the new Hamburg store of the jewelry label LLR Studios. The brand opened a pretty shop in the Eppendorf district at the start of June. There we can discover, among other things, the label's new "Organic Elegance Collection". The aim of the brand, founded by the two sisters Luisa & Lena Rotetzki, is to create timeless favorite pieces that do not follow fashion trends, but rather underline the uniqueness of their wearers. All jewelry is made by hand in Germany from recycled gold or silver, thus combining ethical production with sustainable resourcing.

Source & Copyright by LLR Studios


Stuff for innovations: Textile Week in Hamburg

New materials, ecological production processes, smart technologies: From 13 to 23 June 24, the Design Zentrum Hamburg will be presenting Textile Week pioneering materials and innovations in textile design. Textile Week offers a platform for visionary projects from regional, national and international textile designers, universities, institutes and companies. If Leather alternatives from food waste, textiles in virtual reality or the return of production facilities to the city center - under the title "Fabrics of the Future", Textile Week 2024 is dedicated to the socially outstanding importance of textiles in an exhibition, specialist lectures and workshops. As a partner country, Sweden is presenting innovative and future-oriented projects from its textile industry.

Source & Copyright by textile Week | Daniela Ferro


Make-up with impact by UND GRETEL

There is also sustainable news from the natural cosmetics brand Und Gretel. With a natural make-up innovation, she shows how foundation can be made better all around. The Berlin beauty label relies entirely on organic ingredients and avoids any questionable ingredients. The new “Best CCC Cream” naturally gives every skin a gently balanced, even complexion, which is also nourished with nourishing active ingredients. Accordingly, the CCC in the name of the product stands for Color, Correction and Care. The hybrid make-up is COSMOS ORGANIC certified and adapts to all skin tone families with three inclusive color variants.

Source & Copyright by UND GRETEL


Visionary design: Catifa Carta chair by Arper

The Italian design company Arper announces sustainable news: it is reissuing its Catifa 2001 chair, designed in 53, in an innovative ecological material. The Catifa Carta model has a shell made of PaperShell - a revolutionary material made from a wood by-product that guarantees both strength and comfort. The material ensures that the environmental impact associated with the production of the chair can be drastically reduced. Because PaperShell does what trees do: bind carbon dioxide. At the end of its life cycle, the material can be shredded into biochar, with the CO2 bound in the previous life phases remaining in the coal. This is the perfect combination of design and sustainability.

Source & Copyright by Arper


Sustainable news at Recyclehero

The circular economy start-up Recyclehero, which has already successfully launched a pick-up service for old clothes by cargo bike in several major German cities, makes free and climate-neutral shipping of used clothing now available throughout Germany. Thanks to its cooperation partner DHL, Recyclehero offers convenient pickup at your own door or flexible delivery to a DHL branch. Thanks to DHL Go Green Plus, shipping is climate-neutral. The old clothes sent in remain in Germany and are first resold and, in a second step, passed on to aid organizations as needed.

Source & Copyright by Recyclehero


Vegan barbecue enjoyment from Planted

Just in time for the start of the barbecue season, the Swiss brand Planted developed a juicy plant-based steak that is in no way inferior to the beef version. Thanks to an innovative fermentation process, the FoodTech pioneer brings an unmistakable umami taste to the plate with the “planted.steak”. The steak is made exclusively from natural ingredients such as soy protein, rapeseed oil, bean and rice flour and a special blend of microbial cultures. Clean food at its best!

Source & Copyright by Planted


Holi motivates people to do good

From the sustainability start-up Holi there is sustainable news: The platform is developing further and launching Europe's first social impact network. Unlike TikTok & Co., Holi creates a safe digital place with the aim of bringing socially committed people and non-profit organizations together. The platform of entrepreneur Benjamin Otto, his wife Janina Lin Otto and Piet Mahler lists more than 40.000 offers to get involved. Partners like and over 250 organizations are taking part. In the appropriate app we can also share our own thoughts and projects directly with the community. There are also challenges that encourage users to integrate small first steps towards more sustainability into their own everyday lives.

Source & Copyright by Holi
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