Event: Glocal Changemaking - 202030-The Berlin Fashion Summit

The digital conference is a partner of the Berlin Fashion Week and promotes the transformation to a sustainable fashion industry 

202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit
Source & Copyright by 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit

Author: Vivien Vollmer

  • 07-09 September second edition of "202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit"
  • The focus is on ecosystems with a positive impact on fashion
  • Broad network of experts for varied exchange

Critical and creative - successful digital format in second edition

From 07-09 September 2021, the 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit will take place for the second time. As part of the reorientation of the Berlin Fashion Week, the new digital conference format was created to discuss the future issues and sustainability demands of the world of fashion.

Organized by studio MM04 in cooperation with Sqetch and the Beneficial Design Institute, the focus of the upcoming event is on "ecosystems". The analysis of circulatory systems supports the search for solutions with a positive impact on a cultural, ecological and social level. Over three days, the programme is divided into three main themes:

  1. Circular Systems – How to think and design positive impact?
  2. Local Ecosystems – How to organise and foster positive impact?
  3. Valuation Systems – How to define quality and measure impact?

Goal: Transformation towards a sustainable fashion economy

With these topics the 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit sets the goal to shape and advance the successful transformation to a sustainable fashion industry through existing sustainability innovations and pragmatic guidelines. By examining value chains and strengthening them with the right partners, the fashion industry is viewed holistically rather than selectively.

In addition, the event discusses the acquisition and processing of scientific data in order to use them as a basis for measurable effects of sustainable activities. Furthermore, experts from different fields will lead through the event and make their broad expertise available to the public.

Source & Copyright by 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit

Exclusive expert think tank speaks about current topics

The event is divided into two phases: First, interdisciplinary experts meet in a pop-up think tank. Here, experts can exchange openly and critically their views on current topics in a trusted non-public space. Subsequently, the public event will be made available digitally to a broader industry audience.

The group of experts is composed of inspiring specialists from the fashion industry. Hence, you can look forward to insights, opinions and contributions from Amber Slooten (The Fabricant) Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart (EPEA), Dr. Max Marwede (Fraunhofer IZM), Matthias Horx (Zukunftsinstitut), Lavinia Muth (Armedangels) as well as many others. The event thus accompanies Berlin Fashion Week on its way to focus on sustainable fashion and fashion tech. Participate for free here.



Always informed about the latest lifestyle trends, architecture, design & interior, as well as current technologies around sustainability.

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