High Jewelery | Fairmined | Made in NYC

New York-based high jewelry brand Ana Khouri offers jewelry design inspired by the realm of arts and sculptures. Each value piece is handmade in NYC or Paris, namely, according to Fairmined standards. With each individual wearer, the unique jewelry is meant to take on a personal form. The promotion of responsible, ethical, social and environmental practices to effect change in the industry is at the heart of Ana Khouri.




Responsible artisanal small-scale mining

The brand follows the Fairmined Standard for Gold and Related Precious Metals to support the sustainable development of artisanal small-scale mining communities. The standard contains requirements for organizations for fair mining: These include legal and formalized small-scale mining, environmental protection, fair working conditions, traceability of minerals and the promotion of socio-economic development through the Fairmined Premium.

Gemstones from ethical and fair sources

In addition, the premium jewelry brand works with FairTrade. In this way, the gemstones are procured ethically and responsibly. Mines that work with the brand benefit communities on an ecological and social level. This includes programs with which, for example, degraded areas are restored through replanting. In addition, employees have fair working conditions and their standard of living is improved through appropriate remuneration.

Make a change in the jewelry industry

In her manifesto, the founder, Ana Khouri, promotes responsible, ethical, social and ecological practices in the jewelry industry and thus contributes to a change in the industry. The unique pieces of jewelry are handcrafted in NYC and Paris. In 2014, Ana started a non-profit organization in Brazil. Under the name Projeto Ovo, donations are collected for over 70 Brazilian NGOs.

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