Recycling | Aerospace waste | Tech innovation

Due to the unique mixture of technical innovation and traditional craftsmanship, Frisoli shows how exclusive recycled design objects can be.




Recycled industrial waste

The idea behind the company is to reuse aerospace production waste. Founded by the siblings Romina and Michele Frisoli, who were inspired by the aircraft and helicopter components of their family-run manufacturing company. Each collection consists of luminous objects that combine innovative design and aeronautical expression.

Aesthetic craftsmanship with maximum benefit

The creation "NOT FOR FLY" shows the aesthetics of industrial pieces and their malleability. The materials include all types of composites and metals used in the manufacture of aircraft. The aim is to maximize the use of reusable waste and to find innovative solutions for its use. Great emphasis is placed on handicraft and art.

Combination of traditional work with modern technologies

To transform the fragile fibers into independent materials, the company combines Italian craftsmanship and modern technology. The creations are handmade in Italy. Frisoli's vision is to produce furniture and home furnishings where technological innovation is in the service of aesthetics, art and elegance.

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