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Natural candles, room sprays and diffusers made to enrich the room climate. Auli's focus thereby lays on functionality, aesthetics and carefully selected, natural resources which are free of harmful substances. The candle wax - for instance - is made from sustainable coconut oil. In addition, Auli also offers a special ceramic, called "Ceramico", as a new type of air freshener which is particularly well suited for small rooms.


Decorated room spray on table
Premium vegan candles made from coconut wax


Candles made from sustainable coconut wax

Auli fragrances are made from natural ingredients. All fragrances are free from harmful substances, parabens, phthalates and synthetic colors. The products are made in the UK and France. The candle wax consists of sustainably sourced coconut oil to prevent the clearing of forests. Auli uses recycled material for packaging and avoids single-use plastic.

Ceramico of master craftsmen from Valencia

Auli offers various fragrance collections in the form of candles, room sprays and diffusers. A special ceramic called "Ceramico" is made by master craftsmen in Valencia and serves as a new form of air freshening for small rooms. All bottles are also made of glass and the cork in the room fragrances is made from FSC-certified wood.

Cooperation with Somali farmers

The suppliers and resources are carefully selected. The Frankincense (frankincense) used in the fragrances, for example, comes from a direct cooperation with Somali farmers. This is why part of the income goes to Somalia to help farming communities there. The brand also supports social organizations like the Rainforest Alliance.

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