ecoBirdy: 100% recycled designer furniture for children


Recycled toys | Design Award | B Corp certified

In line with the circular economy, ecoBirdy manufactures designer furniture for children from old toys. The sustainable design objects are environmentally and health-friendly, 100% made from recycled plastic and, conversely, recyclable. So ecoBirdy sets an example against the throw-away mentality.




ecoBirdy recycles discarded plastic toys in colorful designer furniture for children. The founders Vanessa Yuan and Joris Vanbriel have spent years researching sustainable recycling of plastic toys. Since plastic toys often consist of different types of plastic and additional materials, this is a great challenge and means that the toy is not recycled at all. The founders of ecoBirdy have developed an innovative technology from manual and mechanical sorting that now makes this possible.

The result is the multi-award-winning Charlie chair, made of its patented ecothylene material. Recycled plastic toy pieces are clearly recognizable and make up the striking, speckled look. The designer chair is currently exhibited in several museums. As a B Corp certified company, transparency, social and ecological responsibility are at the heart of the company.

The recycling, as well as the design and manufacture of the products takes place in Europe. The ecothylene material is light, robust and has a smooth, silky surface. The design was adapted to the needs of children. The material is not additionally colored, this makes every Charlie a lively eye-catcher and a pedagogically valuable piece of furniture for the children's room. Through a school program, ecoBirdy introduces children and young people to the topics of recycling and the circular economy. Your goal is to change the world for the better.