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The star designer defines true luxury in the form of a non-toxic, nature-related and sustainable lifestyle. His works aim to bring artistic design in harmony with nature.


enrico cinzano
Enrico Cinzano


Intergenerational design

The design objects by Enrico Cinzano Marone combine functionality, aesthetics, durability and local craftsmanship. Cinzano would like to remind people that handcrafted, high-quality furniture can exist for several generations.

Usage of recycled materials

His designer pieces are unique, inspired by nature and reflect the work of local artisans and natural materials. For the longevity of his products, he finds regional & recyclable materials from all over the world, such as wood, metal, glass and leather. It is not uncommon for Cinzano to search scrap yards and factories for unexpected treasures.

Craftsmanship in harmony with nature

With the help of local crafts, he creates artistic and luxurious furniture. Handmade in Italy, the USA, Great Britain and China, according to high ethical and qualitative standards. He is currently working on building an entire house as efficiently and effectively as possible, taking into account all aspects of nature.

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