Artesian Water, unfiltered, untreated and 100% natural


Untreated, unfiltered & 100% natural Use of recycled materials Operation Water Challenge Charity

The Austro-American founding family Muhr has a passion for water. Since 1999, the family has been looking for high-quality drinking water with the perfect mineralization and the greatest purity in order to optimally support health. However, they could not find any water on the market, which managed to meet their needs.




In cooperation with water experts and researchers, they defined new quality criteria for high-quality drinking water: This process has resulted in 8 core factors for an optimal combination of nutrients to promote health. The water source, which meets these standard, is the Dachstein fountain in Austria's Hallstatt region. Here, it takes around 10 years for a drop of water to be filtered through the layers of limestone at a depth of 214 meters.

Dachsteinbrunnen is a constantly renewing underground source. Water reaches the source without mechanical pumps or artificial pressure and is directly bottled in its cold form. The so-called Artesian Water is 100% unfiltered, untreated and natural without any additives. The family also supports various charity foundations, such as the "Operational Water Challenge" and "H2O Pack", which provides women and children with clean water.