KBH Jewels New York luxury jewelry with 100% conflict-free diamonds

KBH Jewels

100% conflict-free laboratory diamonds Recycled Gold | Recycled packaging & fair jewelry bags

KBH Jewels is an environmentally and socially conscious New York luxury jewelry brand. With only conflict-free cultivated diamonds, grown in modern laboratories. These are chemically, physically and optically identical diamonds extracted from mines.


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Inning on Ammersee near Munich, the philosophy of the masterpiece is lived out. As the only Bavarian family-run jewelry manufacturer takes over found Capolavoro responsibility, awareness of Sustainability increase in the jewelry industry. Customers and jewelers may look behind the scenes of sustainable luxury production in the factory and in the showroom.

The gold which is used for the production of the jewelry is originated from exclusively 2nd Life-Cycle Gold, hence recycled precious metals in order to conserve natural resources. Gems and diamonds are sourced from fair trade mines. The energy required for the production is 100% from own solar collectors and all products are made in Germany. The company regularly donates parts of their profit for good causes, among other things to natural and sustainable fundings of finite resources. Capolavoro shows how traditional companies can be successful with creativity and responsible action in the luxury industry.