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Modern natural cosmetics inspired by the active principles of nature and a reduction to the essentials. Building on this philosophy and a sound scientific formulation, Les Roots creates 100% natural care products. An inclusive and mindful body cosmetics for all genders that protects, cares and is shaped by the love for our unique planet.


sustainable cosmetics
sustainable cosmetics


Contemporary natural cosmetics protect ecosystems

Les Roots uses ingredients in its care products that are 100% natural and biodegradable. Free from animal testing, microplastics, parabens, silicones, artificial preservatives and genetically modified ingredients. This is intended to contribute to water protection and protect the global ecosystem. The Color & Water Protection, for example, is an application for an environmentally conscious hair coloring technique. The innovative formulation reduces water consumption when washing out the color by a third.

Creative laboratory promotes biodiversity

The brand's creative laboratory is located at La Maison Des Temp in idyllic Alsace, a historic farm on the German-French border. Founder Gianna von Haehling cultivates and cares for her species-rich herb gardens here and develops the natural cosmetic products with her team. The brand invites its customers to take part in life at the brand house.

Natural mechanisms in terms of the circular economy

All formulations are based on natural mechanisms, so the cell-biological, physical and chemical processes of plant physiology are analyzed in order to achieve high product quality and maximum tolerability. The care products are also sustainably filled in recyclable PCR bottles, including a refill system in line with the circular economy.

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