Brutally local | Uncompromising quality | Promotion of innovative agriculture

At the Berlin Michelin starred restaurant Nobelhart & Schmutzig it means "brutally local". For owner, landlord and sommelier Billy Wagner this means no pepper, cinnamon or lemon. For this, an emotional relationship is maintained with the producers, they get to know personally in order to enable direct communication. This way you can react faster to nature.


classy tough and dirty
Nobel hard-and-Dirty


Only the perfect taste counts, not the aesthetics. In addition, innovation in farms is promoted. That means also time for the employees to go into nature and collect ingredients. Communication between guest and chef is just as important here in order to promote the relationship to agriculture.

All ingredients are regional, the menu changes seasonally and meat & fish come from German producers under ethical animal husbandry. Nevertheless, at least 75% of the menus are vegetarian. The restaurant is also a member of Greenpeace and takes part in various charitable activities. The electricity is 100% eco and the inventory consists of old wine carafes from the flea market as well as uniforms and napkins made of old textiles.