Environmentally friendly "Second Skin" cover | Promotion of the circular economy | One hundred percent recyclable

With the "Second Skin" packaging, the champagne house Ruinart is launching a symbol of the contemporary, environmentally friendly understanding of luxury. The cover is made of recyclable paper (one hundred percent natural wood fibers) and looks stylish at the same time. The new ecological packaging replaces the traditional gift box. With its new ecological packaging, Ruinart is contributing to the environment and promoting waste minimisation and the circular economy.


Ruinart champagne sustainability
Ruinart champagne second skin


Modern values ​​and traditional design: one hundred percent recyclable cover for the iconic Ruinart bottle silhouette

On the basis of research and innovation, Maison Ruinart, the oldest champagne house, developed the sustainable "Second Skin" cover to protect its bottles. Made from one hundred percent recyclable paper, which consists of natural wood fibers, this "second skin" hugs the iconic silhouette of Ruinart lightly and yet robustly, protecting the bottle and the exclusive taste.

Design based on the UNESCO World Heritage Chalk Cellar

The white, flowing design of the bottle is not only due to its material origin. The Ruinart house is known for its spectacular chalk cellars, the Crayéres, in whose coolness the champagne matures and which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inspired by the white, round walls of the cellar, the "Second Skin" shell should also impress with its reserved, simple elegance.

Luxurious promotion of the circular economy

As a sustainable gadget, this contemporary packaging replaces the conventional gift box of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and Rosé. Accordingly, waste can be minimised by using the bottle protector. And since the protective cover can be recycled after repeated use, Ruinart also supports the circular economy with its Green Gadget.

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