Sustainable luxury jewelry made of ethical, 2nd life gold and laboratory diamonds to make loved ones or yourself a joy.


Fair trade diamonds, women's empowerment, philanthropy


2nd Life-Cycle Gold, production using renewable energy, Made in Germany

kbh jewels
KBH Jewels

100% Lab Diamonds, Recycled Gold, Recycled Packaging

Lark and Berry
Lark and Berry

Laboratory diamonds, innovative technology, tree planting through proceeds

Leni Adam

Swiss gemstones, family tradition, fine craftsmanship

washed ashore
Washed Ashore

Protection of the seas, eco-precious metals, upcycling pearls


When it comes to gifts - be it for loved ones or yourself - jewelry is at the top of the list. The problem: catastrophic conditions in gold mines and conflict diamonds. To counteract these, there are now increasingly innovative solutions that do not compromise quality or aesthetics - 2nd-Life Gold and laboratory diamonds define the future of the jewelry industry. We show brands for sustainable luxury jewelry.

Recycled gold for sustainable luxury jewelry

The selection of the jewelry designers of our guide offers fair jewelry far away from mechanical mass production. In addition to exclusivity, fair working conditions and low-emission as well as energy-saving production are guaranteed. By using the personalities of our guides, each piece of jewelry also tells a unique story. Whether recycled gold to conserve resources or the personal acquisition of gemstones from fair mines - sustainable trading and the transparent understanding of these are the core of the project of the exquisite brands. Here you can discover the stories behind fair jewelry that gives disadvantaged groups a voice and protects the environment.

Environmentally harmful and inhumane working conditions as well as highly toxic gold mining are in clear contrast to the values ​​of our selection of labels for sustainable luxury jewelry. Fine creations made from recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds are produced under the premises of resource conservation, philanthropy and sustainability. Along the entire value chain - from stone to packaging.

Fair jewelry made from laboratory diamonds

Innovative solutions also drive sustainable luxury jewelry to the top of the industry. Due to the controversial reputation of diamond extraction, fair brands have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of diamonds. How? Innovative technologies imitate the natural cycle of diamond formation - which is why laboratory diamonds are not only 100% real, but also correspond to the highest degree of purity. We show brands that combine the cultivated diamonds in their fair jewelry with delicate aesthetics and elegance.

Discover the unique luxury jewelry and decorate yourself with a clear conscience with high-quality laboratory diamonds and recycled gold. Whether fine and elegant or unusual and playful: you will always find ethical and conflict-free jewelry here for your taste.