Stelar: Hand-woven modern bags from Bali are true craftsmanship


Hand-woven bags | Balinese craftsmanship | 100% traceable

Hand-woven modern handbags from Stelar preserve the art and tradition of local communities in Bali. Each bag has a unique code with the 'Meet your Atisan' link, which means that the buyer can trace the origin of his bag and get to know the craftsman.




Stelar works directly with artisans in East Bali to produce the colorful bags. The leather handbags with a modern design are traditionally knotted by hand. This preserves the skills passed down through the generations and at the same time safeguards the livelihood of dependent communities. This is how Balinese craftsmanship is redefined.

Using the Uniqe Code, the artists can be met and there is also the possibility to support the local community of the craftsman directly. The collection also offers vegan handbags made from natural materials. The resources are obtained from local farmers and thus promote local biodiversity. Waste products are reduced through upcycling, no harmful chemicals are used and raw materials are sourced locally in order to minimize CO2 emissions.