Designer bags made from vegan, sustainable and organic leather. These timeless classics and it-pieces are uncompromisingly high-quality and environmentally friendly.

jerome studio

Organic leather, Made in Germany, no plastic

Ruigrok van der Werven

Vegetable tanned leather, Made in Italy, New Clean-cut Design


Hand-woven bags, Balinese craftsmanship, 100% traceable

studio gyzell
Studio Gyzell

Sustainable leather, individual look, partner Linda Foundation


We love them all in themselves: the designer bag. Be it a clutch, baguette bag, shopper in classic black or an exciting color. No matter. However, with increasing awareness of environmental and animal protection, there is an essential requirement. Namely vegan leather, sustainable leather or organic leather for the new designer darling.

Our brand guide presents exquisite high-end brands for designer bags that combine modern and classic design with sustainable and ethical commitments. Be it handmade in Germany or traditionally produced in Italy. Our exclusive selection of designer bags meets both aesthetic and environmental, animal and human protection criteria.

Fashion revolution: vegan leather for designer bags

Sustainable brands for designer bags establish CO2-neutral production routes, minimize water and energy consumption, shorten supply chains and use innovative ways to imitate leather. With perfect transparency. For example, vegan leather such as Piñatex or MuSkin is made from waste from the fruit and vegetable industry. Designer bags made of vegan leather do not differ from the traditional variants in terms of feel, function or appearance - but they are environmentally and animal-friendly. Win win.

Also in vogue: designer bags made from sustainable organic leather

Vegetable-tanned organic leather is also a suitable material for designer bags that are high-quality, high-fashion and sustainable. This is because they have a much better environmental record than classic it pieces. The personal collection of designer bags can be expanded with a clear conscience under the uncompromising aesthetic standards. Discover which brands are particularly suitable for this here.